Perfect Together

By: H.L. Logan

Chapter 1


The bar was packed tonight, which was perfect since I was on the hunt. I glided through the mass of sweaty bodies, dragging Charlene along at my side.

Boom. Boom. The bass line pounded with each step I took. The tequila shots we’d just taken coursed through my veins, spreading their fiery courage to every part of my body.

Tonight had a magical quality to it, that inexplicable sensation that major things were about to go down. A grin spread across my face as I cast my gaze around the room. If things didn’t happen on their own, I was going to make them happen.

A face at the edge of the room caught my attention. My eyes narrowed, and I licked my lips. I was pretty sure I’d just found something that was going to happen.

“Over there.” I gripped Charlene’s arm and pointed the neck of my beer bottle toward the girl sitting on her own by the bar. “How about her?”

Charlene tugged her elbow out of my hands. “For me or for you?”

“Seriously?” I asked. “You even have to ask?”

She shrugged, seemingly oblivious to my irritation. All of my friends knew about my evolution, and yet they kept acting like I was the same as before. “I don’t know if she’s my thing,” she said.


I glanced over at the girl again, half-expecting her to be gone. Either someone else would’ve descended on her by now—with those looks, in this bar, it was likely. Or she would’ve disappeared into thin air, transported back to whatever heaven she’d dropped out of.

But she was still there in all her angelic splendor. I mean angelic. Even though I was looking at her from across the room, she took my breath away. Her face was like a classical painting brought to life. Her shapely legs were covered by fashionably-ripped skinny jeans, and a white tank top stretched across her bounteous chest.

She sat backwards on the bar stool, facing the crowd with a beer in hand. From time to time, she’d lick her lips and then sip from it. Her eyes were bright and a small smile played over her features as she glanced from the entrance to the dance floor and back again.

Considering how much she was looking at the door, she had to be waiting for someone. Before the realization had even fully hit me, I was in motion.

Charlene yelped as my fingers dug into her flesh. Apparently she hadn’t gotten the memo about how we needed to get over there.

“Excuse me,” I said, pushing my way through the crowd. “Sorry, pardon me.”

Then we were standing in front of the woman. And at this distance, there was absolutely no doubt that she’d dropped down from above. The only question was whether she was an angel or a goddess.

“Hi there,” the divine entity said, looking at me with the hint of a smirk.

My heartbeat picked up speed, and I stared at her mutely. You’re supposed to say something, dummy! Why hadn’t I planned this better? I held onto Charlene with one hand, gripping my beer tighter with the other. My tongue was so thick in my mouth that I doubted I could speak even if I knew what to say.

“Hi,” Charlene said, sounding as casual as if she wasn’t in the presence of a supreme being. “This is Mandy. She wanted to come talk to you.”

“No!” I exclaimed. She’d made it sound like I was the one who was into this girl. Realizing how rude that’d probably come across, I waved my arms at the other girl. A few drops of beer sloshed onto my shirt. “I mean, I wanted Charlene to come talk to you. Have you met Charlene?”

The girl was definitely smirking now. “I guess I have now.” She reached out to shake Charlene’s hand, then mine. “I’m Rebecca.”

Her touch was warm and soft, and it sent a tiny shiver through me.

“Are you two girlfriends?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh God, no.” There went my foot, leaping straight into my mouth again. “I mean, I’ve known Charlene since forever and she was never single, so I never looked at her like that. She just had a break-up, and she was practically engaged, so it’s been hard. I mean literally, she’d bought the ring.”

Word vomit all over the place. I might’ve been too tipsy to pick up on most social cues, but even I could see Rebecca was gaping at me. I couldn’t just leave off there, though. The only way out was through. I grimaced and barreled on.

“So yeah,” I said. “Me and Charlene? Way too weird. You and Charlene—whole different situation. I’m going to give you two some space now, okay? Let you get to know each other.”

I backed away a few steps. My beer was almost empty, so I drained it. And since I was still dying of embarrassment, I ordered myself another.