One Night of Sin(10)

By: Elle Kennedy

“You know why.”

Skyler had never felt more brazen as she met him halfway. She didn’t touch him or lean in to kiss him, but you’d think she had with the way his gaze flooded with heat.

“I meant what I said last night, Skyler—you don’t need or want a man like me in your life.”

So resigned, which only heightened her curiosity, her need to get to know this man. “You act like I’m here to propose marriage.” She smiled faintly. “But we both know I came for something else. Gage.”

His eyes narrowed. “You asked around about me.”

“Actually, I Googled you.”

“Yeah, and what’d you find out?” He didn’t look angry, just intrigued.

“That you really do own this club. That you used to be a professional fighter. And as far as I can tell, you’ve never been arrested for a crime.”

“I see.” He slanted his head. “And that’s good enough for you, huh? You’re still prepared to let a total stranger fuck you? To spread your legs and let me shove my cock inside you?”

Her breath caught. “Are you always so blunt?”


“I…like it.”

He sighed. “Figures.”

Skyler had to grin. “Oh, I get it, you’re trying to turn me off. You think graphic dirty talk will send me running in the other direction. Well, guess what, big guy, I’m not going anywhere.”

“You’re a stubborn little thing, aren’t you?”


A muscle on his face twitched in evident frustration, much to her amusement. And God, now that her gaze was focused on his strong jaw, she wanted nothing more than to reach up and touch it.

So she did.

He jerked when her fingers swept over the dark stubble on his chin, but he didn’t push her hand away. That was a start, at least. He stood there, eyes shuttered, shoulders rigid, as she stroked his jaw, but she knew her touch affected him because his breathing had gone labored.

The bristly hair on his face scratched her fingertips. A shiver skipped through her as she imagined it scratching other parts of her body. Her neck, breasts, inner thighs. Holy hell, she couldn’t wait.

“You were right,” she murmured.

He blinked. “About what?”

“I’m not impulsive or free-spirited and I don’t go around sleeping with men I’ve just met. I’m a good girl, okay? I’m doing my master’s in psychology. I wait tables at a steakhouse on Charles Street to make rent and put myself through school. I pay my bills on time. I don’t jaywalk. My grand total of past lovers is a whopping two. I’d rather stay home and watch Top Chef than go out.” She offered a sheepish shrug. “So yes, good girl is my middle name. But…” Skyler rubbed her index finger over his bottom lip, and was rewarded by his sharp intake of breath. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t be bad.”

“Is that really what you want?” he said roughly. “To be bad with me?”

God, yes. There was no doubt in her mind that Gage was exactly what she needed right now. He was her chance to break free of this annoying rut and let loose for a change.

“Yes, that’s what I want,” she answered, her tone firm. “So stop worrying about taking advantage of me, or that I’ll wake up tomorrow with regrets. I want this.”

She saw the resistance in his eyes chipping away, but wasn’t surprised when he voiced one final protest. “I’m too old for you.”

She mock gasped. “Oh my God. You’re fifty years old. I knew it.”

“Thirty,” he said tersely.

“Holy shit. You’re six years older than me?” Now she pretended to gag. “Gross. I feel violated.”

“Very funny.”

“Any more objections, or will you just kiss me already?”

Gage stared at her for what seemed like an eternity.

And then his mouth came crashing down on hers.

She gasped in delight, grabbing the front of his shirt and holding on for dear life. He was as dominating as she remembered, slipping his tongue between her parted lips with such skill and confidence she couldn’t help but be impressed. As his tongue teased hers in a hungry circle, he shoved one hand in her hair, and suddenly she was incredibly glad she’d worn it loose. She liked the way his long fingers threaded through it, the rough pull on her scalp as he grasped the back of her head to control the kiss. His other hand traveled down her body, curling over her hip and yanking her closer to him.

It was impossible not to moan at the feel of his massive erection. She wiggled her pelvis over it, drawing a strangled groan from his lips. He tore his mouth away, breathing hard as he met her eyes. “You are goddamn addictive.” His fingers dug into her hip. “You shouldn’t be here.”

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