Once Mated Twice Shy(4)

By: K.S. Martin

“Thank you for telling me sir.” Lucas climbed out of the chair and left the office. Jordan ran his hands through his hair and went back to balancing the books that Francis had left in terrible condition. Lettie could fix this. She was a whiz at this stuff. It was what he’d meant by productive, he wanted her to help. He needed to fix this before she left. She couldn’t leave. He still loved her. It was why his mark repelled Lucas. He’d said the words to her but he hadn’t meant them and Mother Nature knew it. He hadn’t lied to Lucas, Lettie didn’t want pups, she said they cost too much. That argument was the beginning of the end. Jordan clicked on the next bill to be paid.

“Damn it.” He hissed. This just got worse with every account. It was a blessing that Lettie never touched their bank account. He wondered how she’d survived without using one penny from their savings. Of course, they had no mortgage, the house belonged to the pack, but she had electric, water, gas, cable and phone. How did she buy groceries without money? She always could rub two nickels together, pay all of the bills, and still have some left for savings. Sure, they were his paychecks that went into the account. It was Lettie though, who built the account balance. God he missed her. He missed holding her, sitting across the dinner table from her and he missed listening to her. Lettie could always come up with something to make him laugh. Damn did she have a sexy smile! Now, she was going to leave because he was an ass. Jordan ran his hands through his hair again.

“Jordan?” Aimee. Crap. This she wolf was a constant pain for him. When he’d left Colette, Aimee made a play for him. She’d gone as far as crawling into bed with him one night when he was drunk. Luckily, he’d been so drunk on moonshine that he’d been unable to perform, but it didn’t stop her constant pursuit.

“Yes.” Jordan didn’t look up.

“I thought the alpha could use some company.” Shit, not this again. “I’m here to provide it.” Jordan sighed.

“Not now Aimee.” She came up beside him smelling like she’d bathed in perfume. That was something else that he loved about Lettie, she smelled like the outdoors. Fresh and natural like sunshine, spring air, and rain. Nice, she smelled nice. Lettie’s was a scent that relaxed and aroused him at the same time. The smell of this one made him choke, her perfume literally closed up his throat. “I said I’m busy.” He elbowed her away. She chuckled.

“You don’t have to play hard to get Jordan, I’m a sure thing.” She dropped to her knees and reached for the fly of his jeans. He pushed her hand away and his eyes flashed. Jordan grabbed her arm and stood bringing her up to her feet. She stumbled purposely falling all over him. “Come on Jordan, a wolf needs satisfaction and you haven’t had any in a long time. I’m just trying to help my alpha.” Her red nails scratched gently down his cheek. Jordan grabbed her hand away from his face and twisted her hands behind her. He pushed her down the hall way to the front door and shoved the curvy red head gently outside. Lettie’s wolf trotted by looking up the steps at them then turned for home. Her speed increased to get out of his sight. He could sense her hurt and her desperation. Jordan cursed under his breath. “Just let me do this for you Jordan.” Aimee had turned and was caressing his crotch for Lettie to see.

“Aimee, I am not in the least bit interested in any kind of relationship with you. I do not want to have sex with you or anything else. You are a pack member and that’s all. If you wish to remain as such, I suggest you find another wolf to play with. I hear Lucas is free, go find him.” Jordan pushed her gently toward the steps and went back inside slamming the front door.

Chapter Three

Lettie shifted back into herself when she got to the back porch. She found the key under the flower pot and went inside the dark house. Lettie went to the bathroom and stripped down. She needed a hot shower, this day had completely sucked. Jordan. She regretted ever meeting him. She regretted ever looking at him, at ever kissing him and she regretted his being born most of all. Lettie stood under water as hot as she could stand and scrubbed her skin until it was red. Her boss, Mister Thompson, offered her the apartment over the store when he’d caught her crying in the stock room the second time today. It was small but it would be quiet once the store closed at night. At least she wouldn’t have far to go for groceries. Her head shook of its own accord. She’d take her clothes, her Grandmother’s dishes and…nothing else was solely hers. Wow. Nothing was hers. Well that made it easy. She would box her dishes and carry them to the apartment tomorrow, on Friday she would take her clothes. It would be a long walk as a human. But what choice did she have? Maybe Lucas would take pity on her and would let her beg a ride with her box and suitcase. She would ask him tomorrow if she could find him. Lettie pulled her shorts and tank top on then went to the bedroom.