Most Eligible Baby Daddy(94)

By: Chance Carter

Forrester sat down next to her. She admired his naked body, the toned muscle, the tattoos. Even now that she was married to him, she still couldn’t help being impressed by his body.

“You know what happened to me as a kid,” Forrester said.

“Of course,” she said.

“It scarred me.”

“I know,” Elle said.

“I thought it was for life, Elle. I thought I’d never be able to get over it. I thought for sure I’d never be able to have a child of my own.”

She looked into his eyes and knew that she’d never loved anyone as much as she loved him at that moment.

“But you changed all that for me, Elle. You healed me.”

“Love healed you, Forrester.”

“You’re my love,” he said, and he kissed her so tenderly, so passionately, that his cock throbbed with love and desire. “You turned me into a man, a real man. You made me a father. You saved my life, Elle.

Elle placed the baby in the crib next to the bed. Then she slipped out of her night dress, revealing her naked body to the man she loved so much she felt as if her heart might explode.

He kissed her mouth, her neck, her breasts and nipples. Then he pushed her down and climbed on top of her.

“Come into me,” she said.

“Should I use protection?”

She shook her head. “I made you a daddy once, and I’ll do it again,” she said.

He slid into her, and when he orgasmed, they locked eyes. She was with the man she loved. He was coming inside her. They were in love. She was the mother of his baby, and would be again.

That was true love. That was what she’d always wanted. Forrester wasn’t just her husband, he was her soulmate.

She shut her eyes and thought about all the books she’d ever read. They’d always told her love could conquer everything. They’d said if she put her trust in love, great things would happen in her life. They’d said if she trusted God, He would take care of her.

She felt the pleasure well up inside her and burst like a wave crashing on the rocky Californian coastline.

Heaven was a place on earth. It was a place in her heart.

Heaven was being with the man she loved, and giving him the love he needed to heal his wounded soul.