Most Eligible Baby Daddy(9)

By: Chance Carter

“I don’t know,” Grace said, kindly. “Girls your age, how old are you?”

“Twenty three,” Elle said.

“Same as me,” Kelly said with a grin.

“Girls your age attract drama. Romantic drama. Believe me. I know.”

“Grace was a bit of a femme fatale in her day, weren’t you, Gracie?”

“Those days are long gone now.”

“Oh, it’s never too late, Gracie. Love might be right around the corner.”

Grace laughed, “You two look after yourselves. When I was your age I had my hands full, I can tell you that much. You both have some catching up to do.”

As if on cue, the door opened and a group of guys in their twenties came in. There were four of them, accompanied by a cold gust of mountain wind.

“Oh, boy,” Kelly said. “Here comes trouble.”

Elle watched the boys come in. They were a a few years older than she and Kelly but still under thirty. Their clothes bore the logos of various local sports teams. They wore ball caps and sneakers, despite the fact that it was below freezing outside.

“Shit, Kelly,” one of the boys said, “four coffees, and make that shit fast.”

Elle was surprised at how quickly Kelly jumped at the boy’s demand.

“He can wait like anyone else,” Elle said.

“I don’t want them to cause a fuss,” Kelly answered as she hurried over to the table with the coffee.

Elle stayed put at the counter, sipping her own coffee. She wanted to know what was up with the boys. They weren’t exactly her type, a little scrawny looking, mangy beards, stained shirts. They wouldn’t be winning any fashion contests anytime soon, but she knew more than to judge people by their appearance. It could well be that they would turn out to be good guys, despite their rude entrance.

“This shit’s cold,” one of the boys said, sliding his coffee mug across the table.

Elle didn’t think he’d meant for it to fall off the other side of the table, but when no one stopped it, it slid off the edge and smashed on the ground. For a second, all four boys, and Kelly, looked at it in surprise, as if there was something surprising about a sliding mug falling to the ground, and then the boys, simultaneously, started laughing.

“I guess you’ll have to bend over and clean that up,” one of them said.

“Good thing you’re wearing a skirt.”

“Shame it isn’t a little shorter.”

Elle turned to Grace. Gracie looked back and sighed. “I can’t turn them away. I need the business.”

“Are they always like this?”

“Ever since Kelly broke up with the tall one there, Phil, the ring leader, a little while back.”

“He’s being awful to her,” Elle said.

“They’re a bunch of spoiled little shits,” Gracie said. “That one on the end, his father’s the mayor, the one who broke the mug, Phil, is the son of the sheriff, the other two’s dads are bigwigs too. The county judge, and the district attorney.”

Elle nodded. “I see,” she said, and grabbed a mop and broom to help Kelly.

When the boys saw her approach, they didn’t hold back. They threw everything they had at her.

“Oh, Kelly, baby, who’s your new friend?”

“Your new lover,” another added.

“You two a couple of lesbians?”

“Dykes,” another corrected.

“Wouldn’t stop me from stuffing them,” the first added.

Elle tried not to let her temper get the better of her. Grace had said she needed their business, even if they were abusive pricks, and Elle had no intention of letting Grace down. Not on her first day on the job.

As she bent over to pick up the pieces of broken glass, she felt a cold hand on her ass. She swung around to face the culprit.

“What the fuck?” she demanded.

The boy held up his hands in mock apology. “Whoa there, we’ve got a live one here, fellas.”

Elle wanted to slap him in the face but she restrained herself. She swallowed her anger and helped Kelly finish the cleanup, then she went back to the counter to help get rollups and menus. It was Kelly’s table but she wasn’t going to abandon her new friend to them. If she helped Kelly, the job would be done twice as fast, with less opportunity for humiliating either of them. Kelly noticed, and touched Elle on the shoulder when they brought the order back to Grace.