Most Eligible Baby Daddy(2)

By: Chance Carter

She looked up at Gris and felt something snap inside her. Everyone had their limit, everyone had the point at which they couldn’t take it anymore, and Elle had just reached hers. She rose up on her knees and faced him. He stared back at her, and was surprised at the strength he saw in her determined eyes.

That’s right, Gris. I’m not as weak as I let you believe. Beneath the surface, I’ve got a hidden reserve of strength I never showed you. I’m so much more than you think I am.

Elle pushed herself up from the ground, intensely aware of Gris’s eyes on her.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

She let out a little laugh. She didn’t feel like laughing, the nerves in her stomach still made her feel like throwing up, but she had to let him know that she was taking back control of her life.

“You were right about me, Gris. I did hold back. I never let you in. You never knew the real me.”

“What the fuck?” he said.

“And another thing. For the last three years, every orgasm you think you gave me, was a fake.”

Before he could react, she turned to leave. She didn’t think of packing her things. She didn’t even grab a coat. Her purse was by the door and she grabbed it. Her phone wasn’t in it, but her wallet was. Gris would empty the joint checking account before she was out of the county but she didn’t want his money. She had a little cash, her driver’s license, and the key to her trusty Ford. She didn’t need anything more than that. Not yet.

As she walked out the door, she resisted the urge to look back, to get one final view of the man who’d dominated her existence for the last three years. She’d seen enough of Gris Black to last her a lifetime, and her only hope was that she never saw him again. She was done with him. He hadn’t been wrong about everything, he knew her more deeply than she cared to admit, but he’d abused her, and that was unforgivable.

She reached her car, climbed in and turned the ignition. Gris appeared at the front door. Elle smiled at him. She was happy, genuinely happy. For the first time in years she was taking back the reins of her life.

She revved the engine. Gris’s pride and joy, his custom Camaro, was parked right in front of her wreck of a car. She took the time to look up at him and watch the expression on his face change as he realized what she was about to do. Then she slammed her car into drive and smashed the solid steel of her battered Ford into the pristine, delicate metal of the Camaro. The back of Gris’s car crumpled as if it was made of paper. Apart from a few new scratches and dents on her already scratched and dented beater, Elle’s car was none the worse off.

Gris was so furious he couldn’t move. He looked like he could hardly breathe. Elle backed up a little and was about to pull out of the driveway. She looked at Gris one last time, and he did what he’d always done best, he threatened her. Silently, he ran his finger over his neck, showing her what he’d do to her when he got his chance. Elle knew she should get out of there. She should have put her car in Drive and put her foot on it. But she couldn’t resist.

She revved again and then lurched her car a second time into the back of the Camaro. This time she hit it so forcefully that the entire vehicle pushed forward and crashed into the closed garage door of the house, ruining the front.

Elle wasn’t a particularly reckless person. She wasn’t an adrenaline addict. She didn’t relish being so close to a man who might literally kill her. She turned to look at him, and he was still just standing there at the door, dumbfounded, his jaw wide open.

Elle caught his eye, and in a moment that she would look back on for the rest of her life with relish, she winked at him. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

And then she pulled out of the driveway and got the hell out of there.

She’d never come back. She swore it. This time, she’d leave Gris behind for good.

Chapter 2


FORRESTER WAS SIPPING COFFEE AT the kitchen counter when Faith and Lacey entered, each carrying a beautiful baby girl. His eyes lit up as he saw the babies approaching.

“Say hello to uncle Forrester,” Lacey said to her little daughter, before mimicking the words, “hello, uncle Forrester,” in a mock baby voice.