Monster:Angels of Chaos MC(7)

By: Zoey Parker

“I just said they are.”

She folds her arms. “And I remember everybody’s name and what they usually order.”

“I’m sure they appreciate it.”

“They do.”


“Why do you always have to have the last word?”

“I don’t.” She turns her head toward the fire so I won’t see her smile in spite of herself. Now that she’s not looking at me, I can size her up. She’s tall, curvy, with wavy dark hair that hangs past her shoulders. She has that rash of freckles on her nose and cheeks, which I don’t normally like, but on her, they’re cute. She’s the opposite of Marissa.

Even after two years, my heart clenches like it always does when I think of her. She was tiny, short and small framed, with golden blonde curls. She was always quiet, thoughtful, never really shared an opinion. Always going whatever way I wanted to go. Always stepping aside so I could stand in front of her. Smart as hell, but not overly opinionated. She’d been taught from an early age to keep her opinions to herself.

The girl in front of me right now is nothing like that. I’d tried to give her a compliment and she practically jumped down my throat.

So why am I so attracted to her? She’s nothing like the women I usually go for.

Because even now, when I’m on the prowl for pussy I go for women who remind me of Marissa. Petite blondes without much to say outside of complimenting me. Women who don’t fit that profile might as well not exist. Even when I first saw Christina in the shop, I noticed that she was cute. But it didn’t go further than that. Because she’s not my type.

So why do I want to take her upstairs and fuck her senseless?

I don’t think she’d be the kind who’d go for just a one-time deal, though. And that’s all I’m interested in. No strings, no commitment. Not even a cuddle. Just sex. A basic human need. I won’t open myself up to anything deeper than that ever again. It’s not worth the pain.

She’s fun, though. Now that I know it’s so easy to get her riled up, I wanna find new ways to do it. She’s pretty enough when she’s just sitting there across from me, looking at the fire. When she’s pissed off, she’s gorgeous.

“What made you decide to buy the shop?” I ask her. “That’s a pretty big step for someone who’s practically new in town.”

“How did you know I was?” She’s on edge and I have to wonder why.

I just shrug, to show her it’s not a big deal. “You’re new here. I’ve lived here all my life, and I’d never met you before I walked in for a quick breakfast. You were nice to me, which, like I said, isn’t the norm. And you were totally unprepared for a freak storm, which we get around here at this time of year. There wasn’t even a blanket in your car.”

Her eyes narrow. I guess she wasn’t expecting me to have a brain in my head.

She doesn’t argue. “I’ve only lived here for eight months,” she admits. “I didn’t know winter was so weird.”

“Yeah, winter’s pretty weird.” I can’t help grinning. It’s just natural to tease her, though I don’t know why.

“How come I’ve only seen you once in eight months? Like you said, you’ve lived here your whole life. Why did you never come in before?”

“I was…away.” I wish I’d never asked in the first place. I don’t feel like getting into this with her. “And I’m not such a big fan of a lot of the town. I only go there every once in a while. Usually I’m out here, or working with my clients.”

“Clients? What do you do?”

“I’m a corporate attorney.” She smirks at me. “What? A corporate attorney can’t have ink?”

“If you’re not going to answer me seriously, don’t bother answering at all. I’m only trying to make conversation.”

“So you do judge books by their covers.” Now she’s scowling. “I’m a landscaper, actually. And you never answered my question. What made you decide to buy the shop?”

She’s shy now. I watch thoughts go through her head. She’s wondering if she can open up to me. Can I be trusted? Will I judge her? Why does she care? She has absolutely no poker face at all.

Finally, she settles on, “I’ve always loved baking. Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of owning my own bakery. The coffee shop is the next best thing. I mean, it was like a sign, you know? I moved here because I thought it was nice, quiet. Peaceful. And then, bam! Coffee shop goes up for sale. Like it was meant to be. I couldn’t pass on the chance.”

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