By: Francette Phal

Although the unexpected change of plans had taken him off guard. His lips drew upward slightly but not enough to form a smirk at the memory. Marriage. The idea would’ve been laughable had she not been so serious. He’d been inclined to call her bluff, but his own needs had been far too great. Pestered by a psychosis that he’d acquired sometime in his late teenage years, Dominic had been determined to have her, to own her, another rare beautiful piece for his vast collection. She could’ve made several other conditions and he would’ve agreed to anything just to possess her. But aside from that stipulation, she’d come without protest. She had seen the dollar signs and had eagerly given him access to the heaven between her thighs, where he reaped the benefits of his investment each and every night he was able.

The two men seated in the room with him were his special guests tonight. Bruce Barrett, the only person in the world he could call his best friend, sat a few inches from him in the leather wing back chair. While Brandon Jacobs, his VP, occupied another chair across the room. Dominic had invited them to dinner, he’d offered them the best of his liquor, and now he wanted to share with them his finest possession. It was about pride in all honesty, his Eden was another way for Dominic to further feed his ego.

She appeared in his line of sight, the satin robe she wore hanging slightly open but the sash kept it place—for now. She was barefooted as she came to a stop beside his chair and from beneath the veil of her dark lashes she looked at him, there was defiance in those honey gold eyes, but Dominic knew she wouldn’t dare embarrass him. He didn’t mind the defiance; in fact, he relished the challenge of breaking her each and every time. It made him hard just thinking about it.

“What will it be?” she asked in that dick stroking voice.

“Put on a show, my sweet,” he replied, taking a sip from his tumbler.

“Anything you want.”

He liked that. He was going to reward her for that.

He turned on the music for her, something slow and sultry but rich in bass. Seduction in every delicate footfall, she was every inch the seductress as she sashayed to the center of the triangle they made. She drew the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth while slowly tugging on the sash. His hooded gaze settled on her, raked her from head to toe with a sharp look that missed nothing. She’d left her sable black hair undone just as he’d advised from previous shows. It framed her oval face in loose waves, tumbling around her delicate rounded shoulders and down her back. The slight bit of makeup she had on only accentuated her features because he didn’t like her beauty tainted with.

Slowly shrugging out of her robe, she allowed it to slide down her body and pool at her feet. Dominic’s cock twitched even before the first glimpse of macchiato skin was revealed. The corners of his mouth rose slightly in semblance of a smile as he watched her. She had a body that was made for sin, and Dominic was just wicked enough to partake of the pleasures it offered. She was a slight little thing. Standing no taller than ’five foot, but she had the most alluring curves, rounded perfectly in all the right places. The bit of titillating black lace that covered her high, full breasts had Dominic’s hands itching to tear it off. His gaze veered down further, to the flat of her abdomen, halting briefly on the black lace garter belt and matching thong. She painted an alluring image, the combination of French lace and caramel skin made it nearly impossible to remain seated. Dominic aspired for control; he would have her soon enough. All in good time.

She began with a slow seductive strut, one delicate foot in front of the other, while swaying her body to the music. She touched herself, gliding fingertips slowly and lightly down the side of her body, caressing her neck and her tantalizing cleavage. Instead of focusing her attention on him, she went to Bruce and looked at Brandon as she seduced both men, completely ignoring Dominic. With her back to Bruce and her gaze locked on Brandon, she bent at the waist and grazed her hands down her legs, swinging her hips back and forth, the position giving Bruce, and only Bruce, a tantalizing image of her ass and the thong that gloved her shaved cunt so perfectly. Lifting her head slightly, she tossed her hair back, and found Bruce’s gaze trained exactly where she wanted it.

She lowered on all fours hedging backwards and stopped when she was between his parted legs. Settling her hands on either side of his knees, she slowly stood and rocked her body, swaying her hips from side to side on his lap, feeling the evidence of his arousal like steel beneath her. For just a brief second she dared to look in Dominic’s direction and nearly faltered at his hard, narrowed, cold stare. She should’ve stopped then, preservation begging her to think of the consequences of her actions, but Eden failed to heed caution and pressed on. She rolled her body to a standing position; reaching behind her to unhook her bra Eden maneuvered her arm to cover her breasts as she tossed the flimsy piece of garment at Brandon.