By: Francette Phal

“You cheated.” Eden accused with a pout, which Dominic could not seem to refuse as he leaned in to taste the sweet strawberry on her breath.

“I don’t cheat,” he refuted after a beat, swiping the tip of his tongue erotically across her bottom lip. “I just don’t play fair.” Taking a plump red strawberry from the bowl of fruits at their side, he brought it to her mouth. “Say ah,” he ordered raggedly, and she obliged without hesitation. “Bite.” Another command she carried out eagerly, her supple lips wrapping around the ripe red berry instantly had Dominic thinking of her sweet little pussy and his cock pulsed between them. With a groan he went in for another kiss, plunging his tongue deep within her honeyed mouth to chase down the strawberry and take in her addictive sweetness.

“Dom,” she called breathlessly, laying gentle hands against his bristly cheeks, she pressed a kiss where her thumb skated against his mouth. “I’m so in love with you…” she whispered, so quietly like it was a secret from her soul.

Everything stopped for a second and Dominic’s thudding heart lurched in his chest, while he stared at her bemusedly questioning whether he’d heard correctly.

“I love you,” she said again with love soaked amber eyes and a smile that was the sun itself gracing her lips. “I was so afraid to say it before. I was so sure that I wanted to be free from you, but I’ve realized that freedom is loving you. You are exactly where I want to be, Dominic.”

Overcome. That was the closest thing that could best describe the intense feeling that swept through Dominic in that instant. Her words were the breath of life to his shriveled heart, manna to his starving soul and Dominic intemperately consumed them, gorged himself until he was replete. Finally loved. Finally wanted. A monster no longer. “I am going to spend the rest of my life being worthy of this love you’ve given me, Eden,” he vowed sealing the promise with an all-consuming kiss.