Miami Bodyguard (Kendall Family Book 5)(6)

By: Jennifer Ann

“Jesus,” I mutter, running a hand over my short hair. Memories resurface from the night she passed out on me at her brother’s. She said it was a fluke, and claimed she hadn’t done it since high school. Now I wonder if she was telling the truth. What the hell’s going on with her? “How bad is it? Are we talking rehab?”

“We don't think it’s necessary…at least not yet.” Evelyn dabs at her eyes with a crooked finger. “The doctors drew her blood and ran some tests, but they couldn’t find anything else wrong. They think it may have just been a combination of her meds mixed with alcohol. We were told to monitor her for a few days to see if she shows any signs of addiction, so we stayed a little longer than planned. Ever since the premiere, she seems to be doing fine. She claims she doesn’t normally drink more than a glass or two at a time, and said she took a few extra pills because she was on edge. She had a lot going on that night, so it’s understandable that she may have been upset and drinking more than usual.”

My eyes narrow. “What do you mean she had a lot going on? She was nervous about the premiere, or what?”

“One of the security guards felt her up while we were with her on the red carpet.” Charlie stops to rub his fingers along his clean-shaven jaw, darkness stirring behind his gaze. The same kind of deep-seeded anger in his expression thickens my throat. “Angie seemed real shook up by it—as she should've been. Fuckwad had no right touching her that way. I made a call the next morning, made sure the security company fired his sorry ass.”

“She also told me that a fan had grabbed her before we arrived,” Evelyn adds.

What the hell makes these people think Angie’s public property, free to be groped? How does she put up with this lifestyle? “Where was this boyfriend of hers when this shit was going down?”

“He just stood there,” Charlie replies with a grunt. “Didn’t say a fucking word or do a damn thing to help the situation.”

Hot bile brews in my stomach. Had I been there, I would’ve laid the security guard flat out for having the balls to touch her. This “boyfriend” can’t be anything too special if she was alone when she collapsed.

Evelyn begins rubbing her husband’s arm, also sensing he’s close to losing his temper. Between the two of us, there’s a lot of testosterone being thrown around. “There’s more to the story. Angie swears there was someone already inside her apartment when she got there.”

I shoot up to my feet, fists clenched. “The fuck?” The urge to punch something becomes so overwhelming that I want to roar. It’s been weeks since I’ve been in a ring, and this shit doesn’t help. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I've drawn attention from a few of the patrons, and Charlie’s bodyguard appears ready to wrestle me down. I plop back down in my chair, quickly downing the rest of my drink. “Did she tell the cops?”

With a heavy sigh, Evelyn nods. “Yeah, and they already checked the security cameras that record the building’s exterior. They didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary around the time she returned home. They're not taking it too seriously considering everything that was in her system. Whether someone was actually there or not, we’re afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg now that everyone’s becoming obsessed over the show. Her agent suggested we hire a private bodyguard. We think it’d be a good way to monitor the drug thing too.”

I let out a flat, unamused chuckle. “What you’re really saying is you want someone to babysit her.”

“That’s not true,” Evelyn insists. When I frown back at her, she lifts her eyebrows and rolls a hand through the air. “I mean…okay, yeah, maybe that’s part of it, but we want to give the job to someone we can rely on without question. Someone who cares about her, and can keep an eye on her for the family.”

“I don’t trust this Theo clown for one goddamned second,” Charlie says. “I met him backstage awhile back in Toronto, but he doesn’t remember because he was coked off his ass, snorting a line off a groupie’s tits in the hallway.”

Grunting, I drop my face into my hands. How the hell did Angie end up with that kind of dirtbag? She definitely shouldn’t be hanging around someone who’s into coke, especially if she’s abusing meds.

“So glad I wasn’t along for that one,” Evelyn huffs. “I hate knowing that crap sometimes still happens when you’re on tour.”

As I glance up at them, Charlie curls an arm around his wife, pulling her into his side and kissing the top of her head. “You know I wouldn’t do anything that would put me at risk of losing my family. That shit’s lightyears behind me, Freckles.”