Miami Bodyguard (Kendall Family Book 5)(4)

By: Jennifer Ann

Chills race down my spine. Theo was still at the premiere when I left. With the exception of my publicist and cleaning staff, who wouldn’t have any reason to be here this late, no one else knows the code.

“Is someone in there?” I call in a trembling voice. When there’s no answer, I reach for my smart phone. “I’m calling the police!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a woman answers from inside. “We need to talk, Angelina.”

The walls dance around me as nausea rips through my stomach.

I’m swallowed by darkness.



Wheels skip over the pavement runway, and I lurch into the seat ahead of me as a disembodied voice welcomes us to Miami. Nice fucking welcome.

I brace myself against the armrests, staring out the window. For the hundredth time, I wonder if I made the right decision when accepting Evelyn and Charlie’s last-minute invite to come down. I’m sure more than anything it was an offer out of pity, knowing I’m stuck in a dead-end job in a shitty town that won’t allow for any kind of real future. But the idea of hanging out on the beach for a few days with one of those umbrella drinks in hand, watching women parade around in skimpy swimsuits was enticing enough to get me down here.

If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to see Angie again. Even though I’ve seen enough pictures of her with that douche from her new show to get that they’re a thing. I spent enough time on the Kendall farm as her younger brother’s best friend to genuinely care how she’s doing. I caught coverage from her premiere on one of those celebrity shows, and her smiles were plastic as shit. I’d bet money she’s secretly miserable.

The dark-skinned woman sitting beside me catches my gaze and smiles warmly. She’d been quiet on the flight, watching a movie on her tablet the entire way, but I noticed she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. This is the first time she’s shown any interest in the big burly guy who took up part of her seat. Early twenties, big almond-shaped eyes, and dark springy hair that frames her little round face, she’s notably attractive.

Lips parting slightly, her eyes take me in with transparent appreciation. “Coming home, or stopping for a visit?”

“Visiting friends.” I return her smile, deciding I’d be down with taking her out for a drink. Especially if seeing Angie with her new boyfriend becomes too overwhelming. “What about you?”

“Coming home. I was in Wisconsin for a conference. Where you staying?”

“Not exactly sure. A buddy set me up somewhere in South Beach near where his sister lives.”

She touches my arm. “I’m from South Beach! What’s the sister’s name?”

I swallow carefully, knowing my answer could have an impact on this woman if she’s tuned into Angie’s show like the rest of the country. “Angelina Kendall.”

Her eyes grow larger. “As in the actress?”

Jaw clenched, I dip my chin. The woman lets out a muffled squeal behind her hands.

Wish I could say I was as thrilled about the situation. It’s been well over a year since I had a weird moment with Angelina at her brother’s place in New York. I don’t think I was imagining that a mutual craving passed between us when she walked in on me sleeping buck-ass naked. Just because I was convinced something was going to happen that long ago doesn’t mean she’ll be pleased that I’m here. Has Evelyn even told her they invited me down? Shit, this could end up being a colossal mistake.

The woman’s eyes shine with excitement. “Oh my god, I love Vampire’s Kiss! My roommate and I binged the entire season in one day! I can’t believe your friend’s sister gets paid to grind naked with Theo Carr! She is one lucky lady!”

Images flash through my head of Angie having on-screen sex with her costar. I tried like hell to avoid watching the show, knowing it was explicit enough that most of her siblings chose not to watch, but then I heard buzz of a scene involving her naked and curiosity won. I flinch and jerk my eyes back over to the window as the memory resurfaces.

Seeing Angie as a brunette was a trip, to say the least. She had always been a blonde when we were growing up, but she went dark for this role. It made her sexier in a sophisticated way…more alluring. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, but a trick of the camera angles only showed her smooth ass and perky tits. Her body was unreal. Although her tits weren’t huge, they were as perfect as any pair I’ve ever seen on TV or in person. Made me rock hard just imagining the opportunity to palm them in my hands.

I considered beating off to the image until she got freaky with Theo. From the camera angle it seemed impossible there wouldn’t be penetration involved between her and the famous actor when filming the scene. Then I reminded myself they’re having sex either way, and I was ready to blow chunks. I was unreasonably angry for days, starting random fights, and putting extra time in at the ring.