Mended Hearts:Lost Memories Book 1

By: May Gordon

Lost Memories Book 1

Chapter 1


I rest my head against the rental’s steering wheel and inwardly curse. Just my luck that the car breaks down late at night, in the middle of nowhere. I’m a good twenty minutes from the small town of Lake Side, but these quiet country roads give me the creeps.

I grew up in the city, raised by my overbearing snob of a father. I followed his exact plan for me, not knowing what else I should do. Going to an all-girls school, graduating early, attending law school, then working for his firm and one day being his successor. If I’m being honest, I hate everything about my life. It’s not who I am. Like I’m just a passenger in my own life and he’s the driver. I know it’s my fault because I’ve been compliant to all of it. But not anymore.

That’s why I’m here when I should be in New York working late. I have a purpose. My mother. She disappeared after I was born according to my father. The story I was told had begun to fall apart as I got older. I’ve been looking for clues since I was sixteen years old. Now, seven years later, I finally found a lead. I tracked down where I think my grandparents use to live; they died five years after my mother went missing. They spent their entire adult lives in Lake Side. I jumped on a plane as soon as I discovered this. I’m still in my work clothes and didn’t even pack a bag. I’m hoping this leads me to the truth, so I can finally get closure.

In my heart, I know she’s dead, though I can’t explain how, I just do. I sometimes wonder what she was like? I love to paint, doing it in my spare time. All I know is that she did too, and I look like her. I must have gotten everything else from her as well. My father is not a good man. He’s been verbally abusive toward me my whole life, and I wasn’t a stranger to the occasional slap when I was disrespectful. His actions over the years lead me to believe he’s capable of some horrifying things. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wrong, and she’s alive. Did she run to safety? Is she on some beach sipping margaritas? I can only hope, but my heart feels differently.

Taking a deep breath, I lift my head and grab the small brochure of Lake Side I picked up at the car rental shop. Opening it, I find an ad for the only garage in town. Digging in my purse for my phone, I see twenty missed calls from my father and a few from his goons, Allen and Trevor. I called him before I left, telling him I was going on vacation. I don’t think he believed me and I know he wasn’t happy about me leaving New York. But I’m not going to live his version of my life anymore. I dial Grant’s Garage, closing my eyes as I listen to the ringing.

“What?” a deep, gravelly voice snaps. I’m shocked by his rudeness, but also distracted by his voice.

“Um, hi,” my voice is soft, my nervousness coming through. I curse for having no backbone to even talk to a stranger. I hear the man’s voice hitch on the other end. “Hello,” I try again.

“What do you need?” The man asks with a lighter voice, though he still sounds grumpy.

“Is this Grant’s Grange?”

“Yeah, what do you need?” he asks again, starting to sound annoyed once more. I don’t care how sexy his voice is, I promised I would stand up for myself, no longer willing to be a doormat.

“My name’s Grace Tabbeth, and I’m in need of a tow. My car is broken down on mile eight north of Lake Side Town.” I hear a grunt and some rustling on the other end.

“See you in fifteen,” and he hangs up. I stare at my phone in disbelieve and confusion. “How rude” I grumble to myself.

I lay back on the headrest to wait and take a couple deep breaths. God, I still smell like the plane. I traveled coach because it was a last-minute ticket and I was stuck with a stinky man with wandering eyes. Not to mention the only car they had to rent was this piece of junk. I hear my phone ringing and look down at my hand. My father is blowing it up with nasty voicemails and texts. I don’t answer because I’m afraid he might come after me, make me go home, or worse, try and stop me from following this lead. In the past, whenever he discovered I was looking for my mother, he would get furious, and halt all my efforts. I have a feeling he will do anything to hide whatever I’m about to uncover. I take a deep breath and try to get rid of all the anger built up inside me. I’m so tired of being a pushover. I promised myself I would not take it from anymore. I just need two minutes. My rest must have been closer to twenty because I’m startled by a knock on the window. I look up and see a giant looming over me, and scream.


The past few days, I’ve hit my limit of bullshit. I’ve been up for the past twenty-four hours working on an engine, hoping to finally finish the son of the bitch, only to find out I received the wrong parts. Again. Someone scratched the door of my 69’ Nova in the parking lot of the hardware store this morning, and I also fired my tow driver for overcharging and keeping the difference. That shit pisses me off.