Melted By The Bear(70)

By: Amira Rain

Cook said Jamison Michael was a fine choice of name, and I agreed. I liked it, just liked the way it sounded, but even more than that, I liked the thoughts behind it.

Cook herself had a new name by this time, at least when addressed by one particular member of the household. Lily-Anna called Cook Grandma Cook, had just started doing it one day, after I’d read her a picture book from DC, something about two tiny kittens spending a day at their grandma’s house. This new name seemed to thrill Cook just as much as it did Cormack and me.

One day, soon after I’d gone back to teaching singing lessons after having Jamison, I stood out on the wraparound porch that surrounded the mansion, drinking in the sight of the surrounding fall foliage at its peak. The sycamores in the yard were glowing in shades of yellow and copper, and the trees lining each side of the valley beyond were blazing with vibrant orange.

Presently, Cormack came out and joined me, handing me a mug of steaming tea, then putting a strong arm around my shoulders. We both looked out at the dazzling autumn display quietly for a little while, until Cormack spoke, pulling me a little closer.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

With my throat suddenly constricting and my eyes watering, I turned my face up to look at his own. “It’s so beautiful it’s like a dream come true.”

Gently, without jostling my tea, he brought his mouth to mine, kissing me so tenderly that my eyes overflowed.


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