Making Her His

By: Lucy Leroux

Chapter 1

The doorman’s message that his father was on his way upstairs caught Alex off guard. He rushed his current paramour, a well-known model, out of his penthouse with a haste that deeply insulted her.

“Don’t expect me to be waiting by the phone when you call me again. I won’t forget this,” she seethed as he hustled her out.

When he didn’t fall at her feet to apologize, she stalked out the front door, slamming it for good measure. Alex sighed and poured himself a drink. It was Sunday evening, and he’d just gotten back into town late last night after a long and grueling business trip. It had seemed like a good idea to call Mela and blow off some steam, but outside of the bedroom, he had little interest in what she did or said. And though she clearly enjoyed her time in his bed, he was already finding the sex a little stale. If she broke up with him now, it would only save him the trouble of doing it himself.

Costas was probably here to give him an earful about missing brunch earlier today. Since that first summons a few months ago, his father had been quite insistent that Alex join in the new Sunday tradition whenever he was in town. Only travel was an acceptable excuse, though Costas was accommodating enough to cart everyone to exclusive restaurants near his penthouse to make it easier when Alex’s schedule was heavy.

Watching Elynn in those restaurants was one of the few pleasures Alex had in life. Tasting new gourmet dishes had inspired an interest in gastronomy. She dissected dishes like a super-taster and often requested to speak to the chef to question him about his methods. Her knowledge of culinary technique and exotic ingredients always impressed the chef, but few others outside the family.

The few times Costas made the mistake of inviting friends with young daughters Elynn’s age to join them, the snobs treated her condescendingly while simultaneously trying to flirt with him. The last one, Anastasia, had been a really spiteful little cat. She subtly put down all of Elynn’s friendly inquiries and comments while attempting to engage with Alex like a seasoned socialite trying to pique his sexual interest. And she had sneered at Elynn while speaking to him in a manner that implied they were sharing in a private joke at her expense. After that, Alex had put his foot down and told his father to stop inviting others outside the family to brunch.

He felt guilty for missing it today, but he shrugged off the feeling when his father came in with his ‘I’m about to give you a lecture’ face.

“Don’t start Dad. I just got back into town yesterday and I was too tired to drive all the way out to the house for brunch,” he said before offering Costas a drink with a motion to the bar.

“Too tired, huh? But not too tired for models,” his father chided. “At least that’s what the young lady who I saw leaving in such a huff appeared to be. Unless she’s another starlet. Not that it matters,” he added dismissively as he accepted the whiskey Alex offered. “I just came by to deliver this invitation for Mary’s birthday dinner and to offer to drive the girls into town for brunch next week,” he said holding up an envelope and putting it on the table.

Alex shook his head. “Dragging them to town isn’t a good idea when Elynn has a test, and she has one next Monday,” he said with a frown as he poured his own drink.

Costas raised his eyebrows. “I’m surprised you know that much about Elynn’s schoolwork.”

“Just trying to be a good big brother,” Alex countered with a touch of sarcasm.

“I’m not buying that,” Costas said drily. “Besides, Elynn’s test next Monday is calculus, and she’s going to ace it. Not everyone has to struggle with it,” he added with a teasing smile.

“I didn’t struggle,” Alex said, annoyed, as he sat down on his soft leather coach with the Scotch he’d poured himself.

He’d had some problems initially, but he conquered it like a Viking and ended up with the highest marks in the class.

“You did at first. But don’t worry about Elynn. She has an innate grasp for all things mathematical. She could be a professor if she wanted,” his father added proudly.

“I’m sure she could,” Alex replied with a hint of a grin, but there was a distinct lack of edge to his words.

If his father had made such a statement a few months ago, Alex would have probably resented it and the girl in question. But Elynn was just so harmless and sweet that he didn’t begrudge her a bit of parental pride.

“You didn’t come all the way out here to just to deliver this?” Alex asked as he reached for the envelope.