Lowlander Silverback(49)

By: T. S. Joyce

“Turn the page,” Kong whispered.

She sniffed and turned the heavy paper slowly. On the other side was taped a simple white gold band and a key. Her face crumpled, and her vision blurred again as she plucked away the chipped, pink camouflage key she’d carried on her keychain since she was sixteen, up until the day she was asked to give it back to the bank that took Mac’s house after his death.

“Did you buy Mac’s house?”

Kong angled his head and nodded once.

“For me?”

He shook his head. “For us.”

She laughed thickly as she pulled the ring off the back page. “Is this one for me?”

Kong leaned over the bar and kissed her softly. Just a sweet sip of her lips that said he loved her. Then he rested his cheek on hers and whispered against her ear, “Will you be mine?”

She gripped the back of his neck to keep him there against her, touching her until she could steady her thoughts enough to speak. She looked out at the Gray Backs and the Ashe Crew. At the Boarlanders and at Damon, who stood just on the outskirts of the shifters he protected. She’d always feared that when Mac died, she would be left alone in this world. No home, no purpose, no family.

She’d been so wrong.

As she dragged her gaze over her beloved Gray Backs to Josephine, who smiled through her tears beside Kirk, Layla drew a deep, steadying breath.

With a smile, she nuzzled her cheek against Kong’s and whispered, “I’ve always been yours.”