Love, Life, and the List(88)

By: Kasie West

As always, thanks to my husband, Jared West. Seriously, this guy is the best. He supports me in all I do, even when I have to go into hermit mode. I have some pretty fabulous kids that get me too: Hannah, Autumn, Abby, and Donavan. These are my favorite people ever. I love just hanging out with them. We laugh more than we should in this house, and I’m grateful for that. I love to laugh. Laughing is my favorite (every time I say that I think of the movie Elf).

I have some amazing writer friends who are not only fun to be with but are awesomely talented too. So much love to: Candice Kennington, Jenn Johansson, Renee Collins, Natalie Whipple, Bree Despain, Michelle Argyle, Sara Raasch, Shannon Messenger, and Jessi Kirby.

And to my nonwriter friends who I love and who make me happy: Stephanie Ryan, Rachel Whiting, Elizabeth Minnick, Claudia Wadsworth, Amy Burbidge, Misti Hamel, Brittney Swift, Mandy Hillman, Emily Freeman, Megan Grant, and Jamie Lawrence.

Last but not least, my amazing extended family, who have all been so supportive of me: thank you, Chris DeWoody, Heather Garza, Jared DeWoody, Spencer DeWoody, Stephanie Ryan, Dave Garza, Rachel DeWoody, Zita Konik, Kevin Ryan, Vance West, Karen West, Eric West, Michelle West, Sharlynn West, Rachel Braithwaite, Brian Braithwaite, Angie Stettler, Jim Stettler, Emily Hill, Rick Hill, and the twenty-five children (plus some of the children’s children) who exist among all these people.