Just Sex(9)

By: Heidi Lynn Anderson

“I’m sorry.” He grabbed Kat’s hand. “Why didn’t he take you?”

She shrugged and let J.J.’s heat seep into her. His touch made her want to tell him all her secrets. “It was hard, we summered in Maine and came back to Florida for the winter. We tried to have a long-distance relationship, but of course it didn’t work.” Kat tried to pull her hand from his.

J.J. grinned and moved his hand to interlock his fingers with hers. “I like hearing about you.”

Moist heat pooled between her thighs. “You need to stop saying nice things to me. I might get the wrong idea.”

“As long as I leave you knowing that I think you’re an attractive woman.”

She swallowed hard. “I’m a middle-aged housewife with too much to deal with.”

“You’re a woman in her prime.” He squeezed her palm. “Who has dealt with too much for too long.” He stood. “I should get to work.”

Her vagina cramped with lust. God help me!

Chapter Four

J.J. rolled up to Kat’s house a day ahead of schedule. His white-knuckled fingers wrapped around the steering wheel. “Fuck, I’m pathetic. I must be desperate.” His head bounced off the headrest. “I can’t go a week without seeing her.”

After what he saw through her window, he knew what boiled underneath her prim and proper mom exterior. He had never wanted anyone so much before. Women came to him, for fuck’s sake. Since he was fifteen, all he had to do was smile at a girl and she would come calling.

He had tried everything from cold showers to beating off three times a day to dull his need for her. Nothing had relieved his lust. It took every ounce of willpower he had not to lift Kat’s sexy body off her fancy chair last week and show her how hot she was.

The hard-on he seemed to have all the time made him want to spread Kat over the table and feast on her, but the looks she sent him made it clear she was not interested.

J.J. had never gone so long without sex. He switched off the ignition, wrenched open the truck door, marched into Kat’s backyard and stopped dead in his tracks. Molten passion engulfed him. Could his eyes be playing tricks on him? He blinked, nope, his eyes were fine.

Kat lay on a soft cushioned lounge chair, sunbathing. The bright pink and deep purple flowers he’d spent so much time caring for surrounded her nude body in a wash of gorgeous color. She reminded him of a sex goddess.

Every inch of his six-foot-one frame thrummed with desire. What the fuck? His gaze roamed over her round ass and landed on the rise and swell of her back. When did that part of the body become so sexy?

He hurried to the chaise lounger and ran his calloused hand down her back onto her ample ass. The soft feel of her warm skin fulfilled every fantasy he had.

Kat jumped and turned. “Oh J.J.!” Her whole body flashed red.

He now had new images for his daydreams. J.J.’s dick jerked against his underwear and he made himself step back.

She snatched the towel from the ground. “What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you.” He grabbed the towel and let his gaze roam over her. His whole body burned. “Don’t cover yourself. You’re so sexy.”

Mortification shone in Kat’s pretty gray-blue eyes. “J.J., don’t. Please!”

He couldn’t help himself. J.J. slid his hand from Kat’s shoulder down to her breast, lifted and squeezed her plump flesh.

Kat’s rosy nipple puckered and her body trembled. Saliva pooled in his mouth. “You’re beautiful.”

“Please stop.”

“I want you!” He leaned in and brushed his lips to hers. Need pulsed through him. “Let me have you.”

Kat placed her hand on his chest. “I can’t.”

Her palm heated his skin. J.J. nipped at her bottom lip. “Why?” He cupped Kat’s face and ran his thumb over her cheek.

Her eyes softened. “J.J., no.”

J.J. knew he could push and win. “Kat, please.”

A tear dampened his finger. Reality hit him like a kick to the nuts. “Shit.” He jerked back and let her have the towel. Kat grabbed it and ran into the house.

“What did I just do?” He had never pushed a woman into bed before. If Kat hadn’t started to cry, he would have convinced her to have sex. What the fuck was wrong with him? God knew he liked Kat, but he never forced a woman. That was, until today.

He stood in the aromatic backyard and listened to the waterfall spill into Kat’s pool. Hot air swelled around him and thunder sounded in the distance. “Shit.” J.J. lifted his face to the sky. Just what he needed. J.J. rubbed his hands through his hair. Sweat rolled down his back and collected at the base of his spine. “Fuck, I blew it!”