Just Sex(2)

By: Heidi Lynn Anderson

His exasperated tone had Kat smiling. “Just thank the powers that be that you’re having a good day today.”

“If you didn’t oversleep—”

Kat cut him off with a look. “Let’s go.”

They blew out of the house in a whirlwind. She stumbled over a flat of pink and white impatiens and hit a solid wall of muscle. All the air left Kat’s body. Her brain fuzzed as moist male heat pressed against her breasts. Her traitorous nipples peaked into lust-filled buds. She tried to push back. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” J.J.’s arms wrapped around her waist and set Kat’s insides on fire.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

She wanted to wrap her legs around his hips and suck in his male scent all day. Kat willed her hormones to behave and dislodged herself from his strong embrace. “Yes. I’m fine.”

Sam opened the back door to Kat’s silver Lexus CT200 H. “Mom!”

Kat sent Sam her most apologetic smile and said to J.J., “We’re running late for the first day of school.” She ran her hand through her still damp golden curls and took in the array of colorful flowers. “I hope I didn’t damage the flowers, they’re beautiful.”

His sensual lips quirked and a dimple flashed. “I’m sure they’re fine. I’m having one of my guys come to plant them later.”

Disappointment hit her at the thought that J.J. wouldn’t be there when she got back. She inspected the twenty flats. “Well, I best get going.” She turned and forced her legs not to shake when she stepped toward her SUV.

“Mrs. Henderson.”

She winced at the formality and spun. Well, that just knocked me down a few pegs. “Please, call me Kat,” she said.

“Sorry. “ J.J. shifted from foot to foot. “You look nice today.”

She felt her face flush. “Thank you. It’s not every day a handsome young guy tells me that.”

Something Kat couldn’t discern filtered into J.J.’s eyes. Probably pity, she thought.

“Mom,” an annoyed Sam called from the open passenger’s side door.

“Well, I must get going.” She opened the driver’s side door. “I need to get him to school while he still likes it.”

He smiled and showed off his dimples again. The urge to nip at him had her taking a step back. “I, um.” She waved numbly at the SUV.

“See you later, Mrs. Hend…” J.J. cleared his throat. “Kat.”

She all but fell into the driver’s side seat and hoped she didn’t look like a complete fool. Kat turned the car on and put the SUV in reverse. The sooner she stopped humiliating herself, the better.

J.J. watched the richest and most-talked-about woman in town drive off. “What the fuck just happened?” The need in his gut burned, he had wanted Kat in his arms ever since the first day he met her.

His feet felt frozen in place and his rock-hard dick throbbed. Lust pulsed throughout his body. “You had to fuck it up by calling her Mrs. Henderson. You don’t call someone who makes your dick want to explode Mrs. anything.” He glanced at Kat’s front door and remembered the first day he saw her, over a year ago.

The then married Mrs. Henderson reminded him of one of those women in his grandfather’s old pinup-girl magazines. J.J remembered how he thought it was so wrong on many levels that the beautiful woman who stood framed in the doorway was married to the town dickhead.

He thought back to that day and smiled. With just a handshake, Kat turned him on more than any other woman in his life. Confusion about why she stayed married to such an asshole muddled his brain even more when Kat took him on a tour of the nicely maintained yard.

Kat knew every plant and flower. He learned that she took care of the yard herself and needed someone to take over the design and upkeep because she had too much work to do. When he asked what she did, Kat sent him the most beautiful smile.

From what he understood, she worked from home managing her family’s business and investments. He learned later from the town’s grapevine that Kat had a degree from some fancy school in Connecticut.

J.J. didn’t understand how someone so smart and kind would stay married to a man like Gary Henderson. All he could figure was love was indeed blind.

Knowing that didn’t help the raging hard-on he had every time he saw her. Kat’s soft lush curves and drop-dead gorgeous face made for many sleepless nights. It shamed J.J. to admit it, even to himself, that on more than one occasion he fantasized about Kat’s body and face while screwing his fuck friend Sally.

J.J. shook his head. Odds are Kat has classy sex with men who wear business suits. She doesn’t get down and dirty with the help. He fumbled for the cell phone on his belt and dialed Sally. “Stay in your own league,” he told himself and stomped back to his truck.