His Secret Child

By: Jordan Silver
Chapter 1

The day started like any other. I had a full plate as usual, just the way I like it. I was in the middle of putting the final touches on a very lucrative deal and finding more ways to keep my company doing as well as it has been.

I’d sunk my whole life into the business lately, and now it looked like it was paying off. Not just financially, that had always been there, but I was leaving my footprint in the business world in a big way with even more to come.

This was to be the day. In a few hours, I’ll sign on the dotted line and broker the biggest deal the state has ever seen.

How was I to know that my life would be changed forever in a whole other way, before its end? That my past would come back in a way that no one could ever have imagined, least of all me, and take me in a whole other direction.

I answered my ringing phone just as I hit the doors to my office. I knew from the annoying ringtone that the caller had programmed into my phone, exactly who was on the other end.

“Camille, what is it?”

“Must you be so short?” I didn’t bother to answer her, since I didn’t have the time it would take to quell this particular argument.

“I have a very busy day ahead of me here, you’re gonna have to catch me later this evening.” I hung up the phone and nodded hello to my assistant before making my way into my office.

This deal I was working could mean keeping my family’s company in the black for the foreseeable future. Something I was very interested in, especially in these trying times.

In the last five years, I’d buried myself in my work. Neglecting everything else, including at times and even more so here lately, the woman who’d just called.

I’d made my own mark, instead of sailing on my father’s coattails. It was something to be proud of, not to mention work had kept me sane at a low point in my life.

Odd, I never thought of those times, not usually anyway, and not in a long time. But here lately, they’ve been rearing their unwelcome, ugly heads.

It could be because of the fact that this deal was the high point of my life; my psyche was probably just making the comparison.

Whatever the reason, I didn’t like the reminders one bit and wish there was a way to erase the memories entirely. I hate that they still had the power to affect me. Though no one would ever know.

I had thought throwing myself into work the way I had would help do that, would keep me so occupied that I wouldn’t have a spare moment to think, and it did to a point, until I was alone with my thoughts, or at night when I was alone in bed.

I thought for sure after the first year that I would be over it, but maybe it was because of the way things had transpired. The end with no chance for goodbye, I don’t know.

Sometimes I think that death would’ve been easier. At least then I would know what was going on. The way things ended though, there were nothing but questions with no way of finding the answers.

I’d done everything I could to erase the memories. I needed to, to survive. But in the end it looks like they won, why else would they be back now, at a time when my life was finally turning a corner?

One good thing came of the whole fucked up mess though. I’d learnt that I had a weakness and went about fixing that shit. No way was I ever going to let this shit happen to me again.

I’d ruthlessly pushed all of it to the side and shut it away for good. I had a new outlook on life. I played by new rules.

Then I’d fallen into...something with Camille out of necessity, I guess. I’m still a man after all, though that trifling bitch had all but unmanned me. But that hadn’t worked either, because she’d gone and got her emotions involved and now here we are.

Camille and I were at that cross roads where we were either going to get married or call it quits. I was straddling the line for the wrong fucking reasons and I knew it, but I was fucked enough that I really didn’t care too much. Or so I’d thought, until memories started plaguing me again.

It had been five years, though I couldn’t tell you where they all went. Five long fucking years that seems to have drifted away into smoke.

Camille and I weren’t a match made in heaven or anything that trite, far from it. We just happened to fall together because of circumstances and the fact that our parents belonged to the same country club.

It sounds cold and impersonal, and so it is. I hadn’t cared so much about that in the past, because I didn’t care period.

But here lately, I’ve been feeling restless. I know she and my mom were expecting a ring, and I had thought that I just might go ahead and do it; but now I’m not so sure.

Something was niggling at me here lately. Something that kept playing at the edges of my mind before drifting away, eluding me, like a childhood game of hide and go seek.