By: Lauren Landish

“The way you showed up and saved me from that creep, you must be Superman,” I joke. “I’m wondering where you keep the red cape.”

He chuckles, taking the seat next to me. “Nope, not Superman, but I have to admit to being called the man of steel a few times in my life.”

I arch an eyebrow. “Modest much?” Looking at him and his cut physique, though, I don’t doubt him. That suit can only hide so much of his body.

“You asked what I had under my suit. I was just telling you. Being real, you know?” His eyes twinkle, and something tells me he’s biting back a joke. I can’t help it, I smile. I like a man who can keep up with my sense of humor.

But the other half of my mind is dirty enough to know what he’s talking about. He has balls of steel and a huge, throbbing, steely cock. Fuck, we haven’t even introduced ourselves and I’m already getting hot.

“So what’s your name then, Superman?” I ask.

He chuckles as if he’s unused to a woman being so direct with him. “Jake,” he says. “How about you, Angel?”

“Roxy,” I say. I love the way he calls me Angel, even though I feel like anything but right now. Angel definitely sounds better than horny succubus. “And before you ask, yes, I rock hard.”

He laughs. “Cheeky, aren’t you? I like the name. It’s cute.”

“Why not sexy? Or hot? I like that better than cute.”

“I’d say you have all three covered,” he growls lightly, sitting next to me. “I can think of a few more words to describe you too.”

A flush comes to my cheeks at his compliment and I’m momentarily robbed of speech. This guy’s a silver-tongued devil, and he’s got a voice that seems to heat my body every time he speaks.

He nods at my beer. “I don’t peg you for a Bud Light girl.”

I recover and shake my head, making a face. “I’m not—haven’t touched it. I don’t really like beer.”

He grabs the bottle and sets it in front of him and signals one of the waitresses. “Let’s get something new for the lady!”

She comes over and gives him a look like she’d love to take him out back and ride him like a cowgirl. I know Jake has to be used to it though. The man’s probably a player. Then again, maybe that’s what I need tonight—a man who knows what he’s got, knows how to use it, and knows how to make me scream to the heavens. “Something in particular?”

He turns to me, giving me a wink. “She’d like a Sex On My Face.”

I gawk, shocked at his forwardness, but the waitress doesn’t even bat an eye. And in my mind's eye, I can see myself grinding all over those sexy lips of his. My face turns red at the thought and I push it away. For now. “Of course, sir.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” I say, trusting that I was just ordered a drink and not a room at the Holiday Inn.

“Nonsense, you’ve got to try it,” Jake says with a laugh. “It’s one of the house specials.”

His persuasive charm just wins me over. The waitress brings back the drink, and at first I think it looks like an iced tea. I take a sip, my eyes widening. “This is good!”

He winks at me. “Told you. Take it slow. I’ve heard that they can hit hard.” He takes the beer and sniffs it, then turns it up, drinking about half of it. “So, how’d you hear about the club?”

“My friend Hannah,” I say, pointing her out on the floor. “She told me about it. I needed a night out to relax and have some fun.”

And I need a man like you to take care of a certain need, I think to myself.

Jake nods. “Well, you picked the right place. Even for opening night, it’s not over the top. This place has class.”

“You’re telling me,” I agree. I think it’ll be what makes Club Jasmine popular for a long time. They could pack this place and tear the dance floor up, sure. But the building’s got enough inherent class and charm that it’ll be a chill spot too. “What about you? What brings you here?”

A slight smirk comes to one of his lips. “I’m friends with one of the owners.”

I stare at him as I take a sip of the delicious drink. It’s something else he’s not letting on to, but honestly, I don’t give a fuck. I didn't come here to learn his life history. And I damn sure don’t care about his friend. I just can’t get over how handsome he is. Those lips look like they could do damage between my legs, and the more I see them move, the more I want to feel them pressed against mine.

He asks me more questions about myself, but I can barely hear or find the focus to answer. I can only focus on his perfect smile. The more he talks, the more I feel like I want him. Even if it is only for a night.