For a Pixie in Blue (The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 4)

By: Cecilia Randell

(The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 4)


Many believe that Earth is the only world with life. Others believe that there is life out there, but it is so far away and so alien to us that we will never understand it. Both are wrong.

Somewhere amidst the universes is a world called Karran. This world has a unique trait. It has what the natives call “thin spaces,” where time and space between it and other worlds become disrupted, allowing travel. One such world is Earth.

Whether human life began on Karran—traveling to Earth through the portals—or on Earth, traveling to Karran, is not known, though many suspect Karran to be the origin point.

There are other worlds as well. These worlds all contain areas where the energy corresponds to those “thin spaces.” They also contain humanoid life, supporting the “Karran first” theory. Some have advanced civilizations—have even developed space travel and open trade with other worlds. They formed an alliance to advance and support the welfare of these worlds. Others are still relatively primitive and thought to be too dangerous to deal with openly. Earth falls among the latter.

While those on Karran have developed methods to control the thin spaces and portals between the worlds, these can still sometimes activate on their own, transporting accidental travelers. One such “thin space” is near Austin, Texas, and one such traveler is Blue Faust. These are her adventures through the universes.


Two months earlier…

Elder Shinzu gently tugged the curtain closed over the doorway leading to Brika’s Sacrifice. He paused, staring at the deep blue folds of fabric as they absorbed the lamplight.

He needed to report to the Chief Elder, but he didn’t know exactly what to tell her. Brika’s glow continued to fade; there was no doubt. The questions remained: What exactly did it mean, and what could they do about it?

A soft scuff of leather on stone pulled his attention to the guards at the end of the hall. They were trained from a young age to watch over his people’s most precious treasure and greatest secret. Guards could sense the crystals. Could they feel the difference?

Shadows moved in the corridor, and not all of them were cast by the torchlight. He shuddered as foreboding filled him.

“Elder Shinzu?” One of the guards stepped up beside him. “Is everything all right? Do you need assistance?”

Shinzu pulled back his shoulders, straightening to his full height, though his was no match for that of the guard. He looked the young man over and raised a brow, knowing it was important to maintain his air of authority. “Brini, yes?”

The other man bobbed his head. “Yes, Elder Shinzu.”

“Resume your post, Guard Brini.”

Brini dropped his gaze. “Yes, Elder Shinzu.” He hurried back to the end of the corridor, shadows and light flickering over him, reaching.

Elder Shinzu drew in a breath. He had to believe there was a way out this situation, that Guard Levi would be successful in retrieving the crystals. Because if the fading glow of Brika’s Sacrifice meant her power was also fading, the slightest upset could push the balance in Shardon’s favor.

And then The Powers help them, for no one else could.

Chapter 1


Blue and her mini-entourage gathered near the back of the inn. A small pile of bags and packs stood in the center of the group. Inside his stall, Beast kicked up a fuss, and the sound of his hooves hitting the stall door pounded through the air. Blue tensed with each blow.

She’d gone to see him, wanting to say goodbye—for now only, she had told him—but her quorin had not been pleased with the presence of Phillip. She had eventually convinced Phillip to hang back by the entry, and Beast had settled somewhat.

It had not been an easy goodbye. Beast had stood, stoic and aloof, through most of it. But when she’d tried to leave, he hadn’t let her. He was protecting her, again. Sadly, the situation she found herself in wasn’t something her Beast could protect her from. He didn’t understand, though.

The last few days had been…interesting. After Mo’ata’s announcement that the Prizzoli—and therefore the Padilrian government—were demanding she accompany Phillip into virtual imprisonment, her days had at first been filled with heavy silences and forced smiles. Then there had been a new development—well, two. The wording on the official agreement with the Alliance had been changed, mitigating the harshness of the sentence. And, someone had decided she and Phillip were now “honored guests” of the Prizzoli and should be treated as such.

Over the last week she’d gotten a crash course in politics. Some of it she already knew—The Alliance of Cormant, the Ministry, the Order or Terril, opened worlds and closed worlds. When Mo’ata had first told her of these, she’d envisioned a well-oiled system, all the parts moving in set patterns, working together.