Fit for the Job(9)

By: Darien Cox

Jay wasn’t Bodie’s type at all. His prior trysts had always been with tough guys, mostly closeted military cohorts, rough and quick. Jay reeked of soft and sweet. But something about Jay had appealed to him. He didn’t want to deceive him, even if it was a passive deceit. But again, Eben was pulling the strings.

But Eben’s strings had limits, and Bodie didn’t like that last comment he made. “You’re not suggesting I sleep with the guy.”

Eben shrugged. “Would that be so terrible?” He grinned. “He does play for your team.”

“You pay me well. But I’m not a whore.”

Eben was silent for a pause, his expression blank. Finally, he smiled. “Of course not. I was joking, Bodie.”

Bodie gave him a pointed look.

“Okay, I wasn’t joking,” Eben said. “But you’re right, I’m sorry. I say stupid shit sometimes. I’m a fuck-head. I don’t think before I talk, I’m sorry. Just try to be a friend to the guy, all right?”

Bodie forced himself to calm, and not lash out at Eben again. “Okay. But I hate to say it...I doubt we’ll have to cross that bridge anyway. The guy’s too soft to handle Sassy. I predict he’ll cave within a week.”

A horn blared outside, and Eben stood. “Car’s here, I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you later.” Eben started out of the kitchen, the paused. “And Bodie?”

“Uh huh?”

He glanced back. “It’s your job to make sure Jay doesn’t cave within a week. Got it?”

Bodie frowned, but nodded. “Sure thing. You can count on me.”

After Eben left, Bodie made his way up to the second floor and knocked on Sassy’s door. “Sass, can I come in?”

There was no response. He tried the knob, and it was locked. He could hear the television blaring inside though, and knew she was ignoring him.

“Sassy, you know I have a key. Just open the door. I only want to check on you.”

He sensed more than heard her heavy sigh, then the door pulled open. Sassy didn’t spare a glance at him before moving back to the sofa and plunking down, pulling her feet up. She turned up the volume on the television, ignoring him. The oversized tee shirt and leggings, along with curly hair tied up into a ponytail on top of her head, made her look younger than she was, and he couldn’t help seeing her as just a little girl, regardless of her frequent outbursts and hostility.

“Are you here to tackle me again?” she said in a bored tone, eyes still on the television. “Remind me to add physical abuse to the list of charges when I get my emancipation hearing.”

Bodie rolled his eyes. He couldn’t help being amused by her constant threats to legally emancipate herself from her parents. She knew as well as he did that no judge would buy the poor little rich girl routine. If she thought so, she wouldn’t be trying to extort her father directly.

He moved to the couch and leaned against the arm, looking down at her. “Don’t try to steal my phone again and I won’t have to wrestle it away from you. How are you doing? Do you need anything?”

She shrugged, not looking at him.

“Libby will be back around six, she’ll make you something to eat if you want.”

No response.

“Your father told you about the personal trainer? I met him today. He seems nice.”

She rolled her eyes, and Bodie sighed.

“Sassy, you don’t want to be grounded all summer, do you? I mean, this isn’t what you want. It’s not fun for you. So why keep this up? Drop this silly thing with your father.”

She finally met his gaze, her blue-eyed scowl so similar to Eben’s it made him take a step back. “Grounded?” she snapped. “Is that what they’re calling imprisonment these days?”

“Point is you don’t like it. So end this. Make up with your father. Just stop these threats you’re making. I know he wants to fix things with you. He’ll ease up if you do.”

“I’ll ease up,” she said through clenched teeth. “If he pays me off and lets me go.”

“Your father loves you. He’s not going to let you just run off and live on your own. You’re too young.”

She glared at him once more, then turned her attention back to the television. “Yeah.” She chuckled. “Sure. It’s me he’s concerned about.”


“Get out of my room, Bodie. Go suck my father’s dick some more.”

Bodie flinched. “That’s vulgar and uncalled for.”

“I was being metaphorical. Would you take it less personally if I said go kiss his ass some more?”

Bodie shook his head and walked toward the door. “Let me know if you need anything, all right?”

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