Fit for the Job(6)

By: Darien Cox

Jay was slightly taken aback by his use of bitch in reference to his own daughter. And he’d never been asked to take up residence on a client’s property. But again...that number on the piece of paper. That kind of money was paying for any inconvenience, or eccentricity that came with the job. He supposed he could live on the property with a movie star and his hormonal kid for the summer. It wasn’t like it was a fate worse than death.

“Oh, hang on,” Eben said, frowning. “Do you have a significant other? Ties that would make living here difficult for you? I heard you were single.”

Heard I was single?

This gave Jay pause. Just how deeply had Eben Wright researched his life? He shook his head. “No, no entanglements at the moment. I could swing it.”

Eben nodded. “Good then. Are you in?”

Glancing at the salary gripped in his fingers once more, Jay nodded. “Okay,” he said. “I’m in.”

Eben smiled, clapping his hands. “Great! After all the paperwork is done, you can come by, say Wednesday to move in? Bodie will show you around then. We’ve got a full gym, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts out back. You should have everything you need.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wright...ah, Eben.”

“Hey Bodie!” Eben shouted so loud it made Jay jump.

Moments later, the double doors to the office opened, and the gorgeous security guard in the black tee shirt stepped in, offering a glance to Jay before turning his attention to Eben. “Yeah, Eben.”

“You’re going to be showing Jay around on Wednesday, introducing him to Sassy and all that, but I’ve got to shower and get to an appointment right now, so can you show him out?”

“Sure.” He glanced at Jay. “You all set?”

Jay stood. “Thanks again for the opportunity, Eben.”

“My pleasure, Jay. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions, and welcome aboard.” He gave Jay’s hand a quick pump, then darted out of the room, brushing past the dreadlocked dude, who now stared at Jay expectantly.

Jay smoothed his slacks down, then approached the man. “So, you’re Bodie?”

He nodded. “Here’s your phone.” He pulled Jay’s cell out of his pocket and handed it over. “Follow me.”

Not very friendly, are we, Bodie?

Jay followed him back down the hallway, catching another delicious whiff of his body. “I’m Jay, by the way,” he said as they made their way through the foyer toward the front door.

Bodie opened the door for him. “Nice to meet you.”

Hesitating for a moment, Jay thought he’d say something further, but Bodie just stood there, holding open the door.

Jay smiled, nodded, and stepped outside onto the porch. The door immediately closed behind him.

He rolled his eyes. “Well,” he whispered. “Looks like Bodie and I are gonna be great friends.”

But he had other things on his mind now than the scruffy security guard. He had research to do, and preparations to make. He was going to spend the summer training Eben Wright’s kid.

He’d just been bought.


After closing the door, Bodie took a deep breath, then peered out the side window, watching Jay move down the path. When Eben had explained his plan to bring on a fitness instructor for Sassy, Bodie had imagined some spray-tanned gorilla in a Day Glo tank top showing up. To say Jay Capello was not what he expected was an understatement.

The only thing hinting at Jay’s profession had been the visible bulge of firm shoulders under his over-starched IZOD button-down. It was probable he had a fit body beneath the khakis and silly school-uniform looking shirt and tie, but everything about him screamed weak to Bodie: his soft blond hair, the wide, trusting eyes. Sure, Jay was attractive, hot even, but he had a look that was almost angelic. But angelic wouldn’t cut it when it came to handling Sassy Wright. Bodie loved Sassy, but there were days when he swore that girl had the devil in her.

He sighed as he moved back down the hall and into the kitchen to wait for Eben to finish showering. Bodie had left the military and his job with Homeland Security because he’d had enough of distasteful things, of the stress and hateful conflict with the people he worked with. He’d sworn to himself, ever since Eben had become famous, that he’d never use it to his advantage, never ask for anything. He wouldn’t be the parasite family member asking to leech off his older cousin’s success.

But he’d had a harder time than expected finding work that suited him after he left the military. He’d needed a job desperately, and when Eben proposed handling security for Sassy, it seemed like just the change he was looking for. Watching over a fifteen-year-old girl—couldn’t go much further to the opposite extreme from his prior job.

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