Fit for the Job(4)

By: Darien Cox

Eben nodded. “Or course.”

“The biggest problem now is, I’ve got a follow up completed, a sequel. But the company can’t release it yet because of the impending lawsuit. And we’ve had to stop distribution of the first one just to be safe. We’re all losing money.”

Eben shook his head. “Parasites.” He raised an eyebrow. “When my wife and I were checking out people we might consider hiring in this area, we took a look at your DVD. My wife used it several times; she was very impressed with the workout.”

Jay brightened. Wright’s wife, a famous, talented actress, was using his exercise program. Little old Jay Capello. Once again, he felt that internal swoon. He was special. He was in the royal court. “I’m pleased to hear it.”

“She says you’re a genius. She likes the ah...” He twirled his hand. “...little pep talks you give in between exercises. Claims you’re very inspiring.”

“That’s flattering coming from Ingrid. Thank you.”

“Well, you know it’s tough for her. She’s severely private, I mean even more so than I am. She doesn’t like personal trainers, likes to do things on her own. She says sweating and grunting in front of someone while you work out, might as well invite them into the bedroom while you’re fucking.”

Jay laughed, but confusion crept in. He’d begun to assumed training Ingrid was the reason he’d been called in. “I’m sorry it not Ingrid who’s looking for a trainer?”

“Ingrid? Oh no, no. Like I said, she won’t exercise in front of anyone, not even me. That body of hers? All her own work.” He grinned. “There you go, you can use that little piece of trivia when you quit on us and write your disgraceful tell-all book.”

Jay shook his head. “So...I’d be training you?”

“Oh, good Christ, no!” Eben guffawed, then straightened up when he saw Jay’s frown. “Oh no offense, I’m sure you’re excellent, Jay. You wouldn’t be sitting here if your reputation wasn’t stellar. But the shit I’ve got to do in my films requires a special kind of training. Ropes and jumping off walls and sword fighting and...well, you get the picture.”

“Of course.”

Jay was embarrassed and a little angry. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he was being interviewed for the job of training Eben Wright. As the man said, his movies were all hard core action, Gladiator, James Bond type shit as far as the physical demands, and that wasn’t Jay’s specialty. But the way he’d laughed, it made Jay feel like Eben was the football quarterback, and he the male cheerleader.

“So...exactly what job am I interviewing for?”

“Training my daughter.”

Jay’s eyes narrowed as he struggled to recall what he’d learned about Eben’s family during his Internet search. In his nervousness, he drew a blank. “Your daughter?”

“Yes. Sassy.”

The name struck a chord, then he remembered. Tabloid photographs from years ago of Eben and Ingrid Wright with a brunette, curly haired toddler. It would have been impossible not to have heard of her. She’d graced the covers of countless magazines before the age of three. Not to mention the memorable and easily ridiculed name the movie star couple had chosen for her: Sassafras Harvest Wright. Come to think of it, he hadn’t seen nor heard of the little girl in years, and had stumbled upon nothing recent on her in his online searches.

“How old is Sassy now?”

“She’s fifteen, almost sixteen.”

Jay gasped. “Fifteen?”

Eben grinned. “That’s right. Our little girl’s growing up.”

“Christ,” Jay said. “Do I feel old. Seems just yesterday she was a baby.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. So what do you say? Are you up for it? I’m going to be in Providence working on this film for at least the rest of summer. The movie’s set in New York City, but of course it’s cheaper to film in Providence and then add the skylines later. It’s an indie film, so not the hugest budget, but it’s a really good script.”

Jay’s head was spinning. “Oh. Well, that’s great. I mean, I’m sure your fans have been waiting for a new film from you.”

Eben raised his eyebrows. “Are you not one of my fans?”

Jay flushed. “Oh, I didn’t mean that. I mean, of course I am.”

“Relax, it was a joke.” He checked his watch. “I don’t mean to rush you out of here, but I’ve got an appointment. Any way you can give me an answer now, so we can move on to the particulars? Are you interested?”

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