Fit for the Job(121)

By: Darien Cox

Bodie sighed. “Yeah. It’s a perfect night.”

Sassy leaned toward Bodie, frowning. “I’m sorry. But did you just say something romantic?”

Bodie smirked at her. “I may have. But I’ll deny it if you tell your father.”

“My father,” Sassy said, “was more excited about this than anyone. He’s taking full credit for it, of course.”

Jay laughed. “Eben can take credit if he wants. But I’m the one who gets to keep his cousin.”

Bodie smiled, staring at the fire. “Yeah,” he said. “You do.”

They sat around the fire a while longer, then moved inside to the living room.

Sassy made them watch Evil Dead 2 with Bruce Campbell, insisting it was the best movie ever made.

Once everyone drifted off to bed, Bodie and Jay sat alone on the couch, sipping wine. Jay turned to him. “You okay?”

“You surprised me,” Bodie said.

“I know. But is it still a yes, now that everyone’s gone?”

“It’s still a hell yes.”

Jay leaned in and they kissed deeply. Their passion hadn’t ebbed much over the past year, but right now, Bodie felt it flaming higher than it had ever been. He broke the kiss. “Can we stay in my old room?”

Jay grinned. “I was hoping you’d say that. Let’s go up.”

Jay got a candle from the kitchen, and they grabbed their bags and made their way up the stairs.

Once behind the closed door of the tiny bedroom, Jay lit the candle, and they undressed slowly, watching each other. Climbing into bed, they kissed for a long time, stroking each other’s bare skin beneath the sheets.

When their arousal reached its peak, Bodie rolled over on top of Jay, needing to be inside him. “You fucking proposed to me,” he said as he pressed his swollen cock into Jay, relishing his tight heat. “I can’t believe you proposed to me.”

Jay’s eyelids fluttered, and he grabbed Bodie’s ass, bringing him in tighter. “I wanted to make sure you’d never go away.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

They kissed as Bodie moved languidly against Jay, wanting to make it last, never wanting it to end. But eventually, even with the aching slowness, they both climaxed, clinging to each other.

Bodie watched Jay’s face as he came, dewy with sweat, glowing amber in the candlelight.

“You look so good right now,” Bodie said. “This is it, right here. This is home.”

Jay smiled, his breath slowing as he came down. “The cabin?”

Bodie laughed. “No. You. You’re my home.”

“You’re mine. But you’re also heavy,” Jay said.

Bodie slid off of him. “Sorry. That better?”

Jay sidled up next to him. “This is good. And it’s gonna stay good, isn’t it?”

Bodie smiled. “It’s gonna be great.” He squeezed Jay tighter. “We’re gonna have a great time together. I love you.”

Jay sighed, nuzzling into Bodie’s neck. “Love you, too. Forever.”

Bodie grinned as sleep began to take him down. I’m getting married.

Never in his wildest dreams had he even considered such a thing. But then just over a year ago, he’d never imagined he’d have friends that he could trust, or a job that was fun and challenging without being too stressful. He’d never imagined he could be in love—never mind in love with someone amazing who loved him back. Loved him enough to propose marriage...

Bodie had had great lows in his life. And since meeting Jay, great highs. But the best part now was, the highs weren’t going to end.

The assuredness of that gave him a deep contentment. Every day would be a new chance to make memories as perfect as this one. And he was looking forward to finding out what each day would bring.



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