Feeling Hot (Out of Uniform Book 3)(8)

By: Elle Kennedy

Soft laughter jarred him from his self-reproach. She must have sensed where his thoughts had drifted because her eyes twinkled knowingly. “Relax. I’m not a virgin. I just meant that I’ve never fooled around with a stranger before.”

He relaxed. “Oh. Thank God. I was feeling like a total ass, thinking I was taking advantage of you.”

She rocked her hips, reminding him of the fact that his finger was still lodged deep inside her. “Nobody’s taking advantage of anyone. You promised to make me feel better, remember?”

Chuckling, he brushed his lips over hers. “Right. I’ll just get back to work then.” To punctuate that, he slipped a second finger into her, drawing a delighted cry from her sexy lips.

Their tongues tangled in a hungry kiss as he pumped his fingers in and out of her tight pussy. His heart hammered out a frantic beat, each wild thud vibrating in his groin and bringing him to a new level of sexual desperation. Excitement built inside him, hot and hungry, making his skin burn. Damn it, he needed more.

With a growl, he lowered his other hand and fumbled with his zipper. The second his jeans came undone, the blonde shoved her hand inside his boxer-briefs and encircled his cock.

A groan lodged in his chest. He thrust into her hand, literally seeing stars as she jerked his aching cock. “Yeah, that’s good,” he hissed out. “A bit faster, sweetheart.”

She jacked faster, squeezing the engorged head on each upstroke, until he felt the telltale tingling sensation in his balls. Oh shit, he was close. Too close. He distracted himself by focusing on her pleasure, feathering his thumb over her clit as his fingers worked that hot channel. Her juices coated his fingers and drenched his palm, making him groan as he imagined his cock being bathed by all that sweet honey.

“Condom,” he croaked. “We need a—”

“What the hell are you two doing?”

An outraged voice reverberated in the room, and then light flooded the small space.

Like a pair of teenagers who’d been busted by their parents, Cash and the blonde broke apart so fast he almost fell on his ass. Hands fumbled with buttons and zippers. Clothing was rearranged. After they made themselves presentable, they both shot to their feet, their guilty gazes darting in the direction of the door.

A stocky man with a bushy mustache and furious eyes stood in the doorway, shaking his head in disgust. “You two aren’t supposed to be in here.” He jabbed his finger in the air. “Both of you, out. Now. Don’t make me call the cops.”

As the man spun on his heel and stormed off, Cash stifled a wry grin. “Well. That didn’t go as planned.” His gaze dropped to his crotch, which sported a big, unhappy bulge.

Discomfort flickered in the blonde’s eyes, which were a brighter blue than he’d realized. In the light, they were the color of a clear sky, with flecks of silver around the pupils, framed by thick dark-blonde lashes.

Biting her bottom lip, she bent down to retrieve the black leather purse on the floor. “I think the mustache man did us a favor. Sex in public is never a good idea.”

“How about sex in private?” he suggested hopefully. “My car’s parked down the street. We could—”

She cut him off. “I’m here with friends, remember? And I already feel like a jerk for disappearing this long. I should probably go back out there and put on my celebration face before Tessa un-friends me.”

He swallowed his disappointment. Wow. The universe really didn’t like him tonight.

“Trust me, you’re dodging a bullet, cowboy,” she added with a sigh. “You don’t want to get involved with me. My life is a total mess right now, and I’m not usually this fun and spontaneous. I’m a total space cadet—seriously, I spend way too much time daydreaming. And let’s face it, I’m weird. Nobody gets my sense of humor. I’m super forgetful—I have to leave notes all over my apartment just so I remember to do things, like eat, or breathe. Oh, and I babble a lot, in case you haven’t noticed.” She gave a firm nod. “So yeah, you’re totally dodging a bullet.”

Cash smiled. Damned if that speech didn’t make him like her even more.

“Maybe I’m not a dodging kind of guy,” he said, raising his brows in challenge. “Maybe I’m the man who jumps in front of bullets.”

“Well, then you’re even weirder than I am.” She took a step toward the door.

“Can I at least get your number?” he called after her.

She stopped. “Are you actually going to call? Because with those looks, I bet you collect a lot of numbers.”