Dragon's Fire:A Reverse Harem Romance(5)

By: Lili Zander & Rory Reynolds

Gideon Zyrian is the most powerful Dragon Mage alive. Five hundred years ago, when my mother broke off her arranged betrothal with Zyrian and chose my father, her true mate, instead, the angry mage had invoked an old, dark blood curse on all dragonkind.

Since that day, no dragon has found his true mate. Zyrian was denied love, and he made sure that all of us would feel his grief.

The curse has had an unexpected side effect. Dragon magic has been steadily eroding, and worse, it’s not just us. I’ve heard from all of the magical races. The wolves. The bears. The panthers. Even the secretive alchemists have sent a delegation.

But every curse can be broken, and on her deathbed, it is said that my mother made a prophecy. When the Dragon Princes find their true mate, the curse will be broken, and the dragons will be restored to their former glory.

So we search for our mates. We hoard treasure, and we keep the peace among those with magic, but most of all, we sift through the magical beings, looking for a woman with the power to break the curse that binds our magic.

Hyde lifts his head and stares at me. “It is said that the dragons possess an artifact, Lord Jaeger,” he says, boldly, foolishly. “One called the Bloodstone.”

I rise slowly to my feet. Anger swims around me. How dare this wolf speak of our most valuable treasure? Who told him? Who has betrayed us?

“Run, you fool,” a voice shouts out in warning. Casius. Of course. Of the five Dragon Princes that still remain, Casius Slater is the one that’s most likely to stay calm and level-headed. “Can’t you see Bastian is shifting? Do you want to burn to a crisp?”

My dragon bursts forth with a roar, my fury erupting unchecked. The Alpha of the Eclipse Pack is brave, I’ll grant him that, because he stands his ground for a heartbeat before flinching and diving for cover. Fire shoots from my throat as I vent my anger. How does Lukus Hyde know of the Bloodstone?

Casius strides in front of me in human form, unfazed by my display of temper, and snaps his fingers in my face. “Bastian, calm the fuck down. If you burn Hyde, we can’t question him.”

Damn it. Why does Casius have to be so reasonable? My dragon is furious, and would love nothing more than to snack on the wolf.

I shift back to my human form, ignoring both my nakedness and Casius’s smug look. “Hyde,” I growl, seating myself back on the Jaeger throne. “Talk.”

The wolf is cowering behind a tall stone pillar, reeking of fear. We dragons tend to have that effect on people. Casius tsks in impatience. “He’s not going to burn you, wolf,” he snaps. “You’re safe. For now.”

Hyde slowly moves forward and kneels in supplication. “Who told you about the Bloodstone?” I ask him again.

“Three months ago,” he replies, “a wolf from Alaska visited our pack. His name was Drakkar Raedfwulf.”

“Alaska.” Casius exchanges a worried glance with me. “Are you sure?”

Zyrian’s fortress is in Alaska. On a hidden island near Nome, Alaska, to be precise. The stone building juts from the Bering Sea like a rock fist hurtling defiance at the sky. Or so I’ve been told. For obvious reasons—the Dark Dragon would like nothing more than to see me dead—I’ve never visited myself.

The location could just be a coincidence, but I’m uneasy.

“Yes, Lord Slater,” Lukus nods vigorously. “Raedwulf didn’t mean to mention the Bloodstone, I’m sure, but it was a full moon night, and after our midnight run, the pack gathered in celebration. One thing led to another, and he let the secret slip.” He gulps visibly. “I beg your forgiveness for my impudence, Lord Jaeger.”

Someone moves in the shadows. Mateo. I feel the flare of his magic as he probes the shifter’s mind. Knowing he’s caught my eye, he nods in confirmation.

The Alpha is telling the truth.

“If you wish to watch your cubs grow into adulthood,” I growl, “you will speak of this to no one. Now, go.”

If Zyrian is after the Bloodstone… My stomach clenches with anxiety. We must protect our most precious treasure because, without the magic embedded in it, we are lost.



“Aria, I’m going to need you to work late,” Brooke says as she pulls on her coat. “This merchandise needs to be put away before you leave.”

“My shift ends at five today,” I protest, completely irked. Brooke was supposed to work until nine and close up afterward, but her boyfriend called, and she’s decided to take off. This is the sixth Friday in a row that she’s pulled this crap. I hate this job. With no real education to speak of, no work experience I can point to—it’s not like I can put the MagLab job on my resume, can I?—and the desperate desire to not flip burgers for a living, this stupid, shitty mall job was the best I could do.