Dragon's Fire:A Reverse Harem Romance(10)

By: Lili Zander & Rory Reynolds

Mateo has finally disentangled himself from the frat boy. He moves closer to me, his big hand cupping my cheek as he looks down at me with heated eyes. “Your friend is occupied.” He inclines his head toward the bar, where Bea is flirting with Jesse.

After all the work she’s put into getting her lady-cave serviced by Jesse, it would be a major bestie foul to interrupt now.

But staying with these two is just asking for trouble.

In my defense, I’d like to say that I had every intention of walking away. I was going to hide in the bathroom. Or bail from Cellar, sending Bea a text so she wouldn’t worry.

What is it they say about good intentions?

The road to hell is paved with them.

Somehow, I end up back in the same dimly lit corridor from earlier. This time, nobody is trapping me. Nobody is forcing me to stay.

Nobody’s demanding that I stand on tiptoe and press a kiss against Rhys’ mouth.

He groans and deepens the kiss. Mateo’s eyes light up with wicked amusement, and he brushes his lips against my neck and shoulder.

Never chug wine from the bottle, Aria. It makes you do things you’d never do otherwise. Like finding myself in a poorly-lit hallway with my tongue buried in one man’s mouth while the other works some kind of devil’s magic against the side of my throat.

“You taste so sweet,” Mateo growls.

I doubt it. I am a sweaty mess after all that dancing, but Rhys brushes his thumb over my nipple, short-circuiting my last remaining brain cell. I’m seconds away from climbing one of these guys like a spider monkey when my phone vibrates in my pocket.

Only two people know this number. Bea and Silas.

Like a bucket of ice water, every ounce of desire washes away. As if the men can read my mind, their hands both fall away from my body, leaving me teetering, on edge, and feeling far more vulnerable than I would ever admit.

I pull my phone from my pocket, my gut clenching when the caller id flashes: Preston Memorial Hospital.




Rhys has a thing for Norm girls. Not me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not like those idiots that rail against the magical and the Norms intermingling.

It’s just that things get complicated where dragons are concerned. Unlike the other magicals, we’re extremely long-lived. I just celebrated my three hundred and forty-fifth birthday. To get involved with a Norm, to watch her age in front of you and wither away while you still remain the same—that’s a recipe for heartbreak.

Not that there are a lot of female dragons in the world, thanks to Gideon Zyrian’s curse.

Though I typically stay away from Norms, my eyes track Aria as she hurries away. Her hair is the color of the morning sun, bright and beautiful.

“Wow,” Rhys exhales. “She’s gorgeous.”

She’s also a distraction at a time when we don’t need one. Every day, the threat from Zyrian seems to increase. The wolf shifter back at Bastian’s palace told us everything he knew, which wasn’t a lot, but I’m concerned about Alaska.

I’m old enough to know that there are no coincidences.

“The guy with her was a wolf shifter. I think we should track him, make him realize that threatening Aria would be a very bad idea.”

What the hell? That’s not what I meant to say at all.

Rhys shoots me a deeply amused look. “Careful there, Lord Valentini,” he quips. “Or else I’m going to think that you’re interested in her too.”

“I’m not,” I deny, deliberately putting the small blond Norm woman out of my mind. Even though I can still taste her scent on my lips, and even though my cock is still hard, aching for her. “We have too much going on right now.”

Bastian has thrown himself into setting up these parties, hoping we’ll find the women we seek, the ones who will free us from Gideon’s prison.

Casius pores through ancient libraries, looking for another way.

Rhys flirts. Erik broods. And I?

I’m the second-most powerful Dragon Mage in the world. I experiment.

People associate blood magic with the Dark Arts, but they’re wrong. Blood isn’t good or bad—it just is. It is the intent of the Mage that infuses the magic, rendering it light or dark.

Gideon wants to kill all the dragons, every last one of us.

I just want to kill him.

The Eclipse Pack Alpha owes us a favor. What was his name? Lukus Hyde. I pull out my phone and call my assistant, asking Leo to find Hyde’s number for me. Rhys watches curiously as I dial Hyde’s phone.

He picks up on the first ring. “My name is Mateo Valentini,” I growl.

He recognizes the name instantly. There’s only five of us, after all. The last remaining Dragon Princes, the surviving members of the ancient Council of Thirteen. “My Lord,” he says, his voice betraying his nervousness. “How may I help you?”