Dragon Prince:A Qurilixen World Novel

By: Michelle M. Pillow

Qurilixen Lords: A Qurilixen World Novel

About Dragon Prince

Grier’s fiery passion for Salena might be everything his dragon ever wanted but loving her might just lead to the destruction of everything he’s trying to save.

With all that is happening in his land, the upcoming shifter mating ceremony is the least of Grier’s concerns. Even though he is heir prince of the dragon-shifters, he doesn’t have the authority needed to help the humans stranded in dragon territory, nor can he banish those who ruthlessly control them. Yet honor demands he finds an opportunity to intervene, and he hopes that doing so won’t start a war the shifters can’t win. Discovering his destined mate couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Salena knows what it is like to be a pawn of the Federation. They might have kidnapped her and brought her to this strange territory, but she will never do what they want of her… what everyone wants of her. The last thing the fugitive needs is the very public attention of a fierce dragon prince claiming they’re fated by the gods—even if the sexy man makes her burn in more ways than one.

15 Year Author Anniversary

Note from the Author

Fifteen years ago I published my first book The Mists of Midnight (now titled Forget Me Not), a Regency-era ghost romance. However it is my second book that same year, Dragon Lords: Barbarian Prince, which became the start of the fan favorite multi-series collection, Qurilixen World.

First, don’t let the numbers I’m about to tell you scare you away. Each series installment in the world can be read as a standalone as can each individual book. As the author I do recommend reading series installments from start to finish, but it is not necessary. For help with reading lists, suggested reading orders, and more information please visit my website for the free reading guides.

Not only is this my author anniversary, it is the fifteen-year anniversary of the Dragon Lords series. Though I plan a whole year of celebrating, I’m starting with this book—the 37th title in the Qurilixen World, Qurilixen Lords Book 1: Dragon Prince. Fans of my work will instantly recognize that these stories focus on the adult children of the dragon-shifters from Dragon Lords series, and their cat-shifter neighbors from the Lords of the Var® series. Readers have been asking for these books since book one came out and I cannot wait to hear what you all think!

If you’re new to the series, no worries, jump right in! If you enjoy my work, there will be plenty of books for you to choose from.

For the sake of completeness and to make your web searches easier, the Qurilixen World includes the following series: Dragon Lords, Lords of the Var®, Dynasty Lords, Space Lords, Captured by a Dragon-Shifter, Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, Qurilixen Lords, and Galaxy Mates (The Galaxy Mates shorter stories is currently out of print). You can find out more about each series at https://michellepillow.com/dragonlords.

No mention of my fifteen years would be complete without my heartfelt thank you to the readers and reviewers who have supported me for all these years. I love you all! It has been an amazing journey and I (literally) could not do it without you. I hope you’ll come celebrate out with me online and subscribe to the mailing list to be informed of new books, freebies, and all the fun party stuff happening this year!

Thank you,

Michelle M. Pillow


He was not the king, not yet.

He could not help the people before him.

He could not banish those who needed to be ejected off his world.

Grier didn’t know how to explain to his royal parents and the Draig elders that this wasn’t the same world anymore. They clung to the past with an almost delusional need, as if, by willing it hard enough, everything would return to the ways of their youth. Hope and determination did not change reality. Qurilixen was no longer the primitive oasis of farmers and ceffyl herders whose biggest worry was protecting the ore mines from alien attacks or guarding the borderlands against their feral Var neighbors.

If only that were still the reality, when dragon-shifters and cat-shifters were the only kinds on this planet. Such times seemed easy compared to now.

Grier was probably oversimplifying matters. His father had warned him more than once to be careful about minimizing the past. The old days had not been as easy as Grier was wont to believe, and there were many things he did not know. That may be true, but he knew the problems of here and now.

Grier gazed down from the cliffside watchtower at the alien city sprawled over the valley below. There was something calming about sitting on the circular roof, at a height so great that none of the new residents of the planet could reach it. Locals had nicknamed the settlement below Shelter City because they meant it to be a temporary shelter for their visitors. That was over thirty years ago.