Draekon Abduction(3)

By: Lili Zander & Lee Savino

He sounds calm. Competent. But somehow, cold.

“I will go nowhere with you,” Raiht’vi snaps. “I would rather drown.”

Footsteps draw closer. My ear is pressed against the door, and I hastily move back, trying to pretend I’m fast asleep. According to my cover, Olivia Buckner is a bimbo, uninterested in anything past the tip of her nose. Until I know what’s going on and who I can trust and who I cannot, I’m going to stick to it.

Light floods into my little pod. Two sets of hands reach for me and pull me out, and the movement sends a fresh jolt of agony through my body. They set me on my feet, and I crumple, blood leaking from the open wound, soaking the bandage in red. “She’s hurt,” May squeals, too late to do any good. “She broke her leg.”

Gee. Thanks, May. Your warning would have been a bit more useful before I’d collapsed.

I look up at my two rescuers, wondering if they’re going to look like the Zorahn or if they’re going to look more ‘alien.’ You know. Horns and tails and glowing green eyes. Like Hollywood’s been promising us for decades.

Nope. These aliens are hot. As tall as Beirax, and just as sculpted. They’re wearing black pants and nothing else. Their bare chests glisten with sweat, throwing each muscle into sharp relief. One of them has black, shoulder-length hair that flies away from his face in wild curls. The other alien’s hair is cut ruthlessly short. His gaze rests on me, concerned.

For a change, a man isn’t looking at my boobs. Nope. This alien’s green-brown eyes are glued to my leg.

It’s only because I’m watching him watch me that I notice the shudder that runs through his body as our eyes lock. Alien #1 sinks to his knees as well, only for a second. Raiht’vi stiffens in alarm as the Alien #2 takes a step back, before grabbing his buddy and shoving him toward the big hole in the ship.

A loud howl cuts through the air.

“What’s going on?” Paige asks haltingly, her face white with fear.

Bryce, braver than the others, climbs on a piece of twisted metal and sticks her head outside. “You’ve got to be kidding.” She sounds a little freaked out. “You’re not going to believe this. Those two guys that were just here? They’ve turned into dragons.”

Raiht’vi is suddenly next to me. “Olivia Buckner,” she whispers into my ear. “I know who you are. You work for your government.”

So much for fooling the Zorahn.

Deny, deny, always deny. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She makes a scoffing sound in her throat. “Your identity isn’t important now. Only one thing matters. If you ever want to leave this planet, you must remember one thing. Trust no one. Especially the Draekons.”

A massive hand—paw?—pokes through the hole. Claws curl over Felicity—huge talon-tipped claws, shiny green and scaly like a lizard’s. She screams in terror as she’s lifted out. Paige, May, and Bryce meet the same fate, each of them carefully picked up by gleaming, razor-sharp claws. My heart beats in my throat as I watch their faces go slack with fear and shock, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Nothing I can do to protect them.

When it’s Raiht’vi’s turn, she scrambles backward. Out of nowhere, she produces a gun and aims it at the dragon that’s groping toward her, and presses the trigger. The creature outside howls, sounding more angry than hurt. Another paw replaces the first, and five sharp claws, each one six-feet long, close over me.

Then, mercifully, everything goes dark.



On the homeworld, the Draekons are shadowy monsters, exiled by the Zorahn to keep their citizens safe from harm.

However, when you are being groomed to be the next Spymaster of the High Empire, you’re privy to secrets hidden from the rest of the population, hidden even from the High Emperor and his children.

The first fact: There are only four known species that can mate with Draekons. Zorahn, of course. In addition, women from Maarish and from the lost planet of Joram are capable of forming a mating bond with the soldier race.

The fourth species? Humans, from the primitive planet of Earth, located in the heart of the neutral zone.

The second fact: Contact with a neutral zone planet is strictly forbidden. The Triumvirate polices the area with ruthless competence, and they shoot on sight.

The third fact: Human genes were used in the creation of the Draekons.

All of which leads to one inescapable conclusion. These women are important. So important that they’re being accompanied by one of the White Ones, the only daughter of Brunox, head of the Council of Scientists. Raiht’vi.