Draekon Abduction(10)

By: Lili Zander & Lee Savino

Zunix’s eyes narrow. “So you heard that comment, did you?” A smile curves at his lips. “Liorax and I requested the med-kit. The debt is ours, and we will pay the price.”

“Which puts me in your debt,” I reply automatically. Shit. Ditz-Olivia isn’t capable of such analysis. I shouldn’t have said that out loud. What’s in the painkiller juice that Liorax gave me anyway?

Zunix tilts his head and surveys me. “Indeed,” he replies. “You’re quite right. It does put you in our debt.” His eyes crinkle with amusement. “I’m sure we’ll find a way to settle it.”

Of course you will. More boob magic.

Dariux returns before Zunix can ogle the girls too much. He holds a small rectangular box in his hands. It looks like my TV’s remote control, but it’s silver in color and has no buttons or screens of any sort.

The clearing has emptied. The sun’s waning rays filter through the trees, and the Draekons have vanished into their treehouses. Probably because of the detsena. Even my other suitors—Belfox and Herrix, if I remember their names correctly—have melted away for the moment, though I have a strong feeling I’m going to be seeing a lot more of them in the coming days.

Only Zunix and Liorax remain at my side. If they’re bothered by the prospect of being eaten by the detsena, they’re not showing it.

“What’s the price, Dariux?” Liorax demands.

“It’s simple. I want both your support in a matter of my choosing.”

Judging by Zunix’s reaction, that’s a steep price, and an unexpected one. “What sort of matter?” he asks warily.

Dariux’s lips curl in distaste. “Your mate’s life is at stake, and you haggle like a market vendor?”

Smug bastard. I want to punch him. It makes perfect sense for Zunix to get clarification. I’d do the same thing myself.

Zunix gives no sign of backing down. “I will not support you blindly in matters of capital punishment,” he says. “I will not harm Liorax, Olivia, or the other human women.”

Dariux’s smile grows, and I’m convinced my two rescuers have walked into a trap. “Those are reasonable limits. Do I have your word?”

“Yes,” Liorax says shortly. Zunix hesitates, then he too inclines his head in agreement.

“Good.” Dariux kneels next to me and unwraps the blood-soaked bandage. I avert my head from the wound before I catch a glimpse of the bone, and notice Liorax and Zunix staring at me with respect. “That’s quite a break,” Dariux says, his voice sharp. “You’ve been very brave, human.”

Years of training, buddy. Years and years of training.

“You must not move,” Dariux warns me. “If you jerk away, the med-kit will malfunction and heal the break badly. Brace yourself. This will hurt.”

No shit. The med-kit lights up, glowing an eerie blue, and as it hovers over my leg, it feels like someone’s holding a blowtorch to my skin. I grip the nearest hand—Liorax—and do my best to hold still. This is my gom jabbar.

Zunix’s fingers stroke my forehead, the touch strangely comforting. How long has it been since I allowed a man to get close to me? Too long. For far too many years, my first duty has been to the agency.

Now I’m on an alien planet, and two pairs of Draekons both want to mate with me. When it rains, it pours.

“Only another minute, Olivia.” Liorax’s voice is soothing. Funny guy, Liorax. Earlier, he gave Dariux a translator without demanding something in return. He definitely doesn’t like me, but he’s still doing the decent thing.

I can’t quite understand these men. They’re full of maddening contradictions. Whenever I think I’ve pigeonholed them, they do something that throws me.

It’s been less than a day, Liv. What do you expect?

The burning sensation abates. “It’s done,” Dariux announces.

“And not a moment too soon.” Liorax helps me to my feet. “Put some weight on your leg,” he encourages. “Can you walk? It’s almost time for the detsena to make an appearance.”

I know the Zorahn have superior medical technology. After all, they came to Earth with a cure for leukemia. But knowing something and believing it are different things. I put my broken leg tentatively on the ground, bracing for a shockwave of pain. It doesn’t come. My skin is smooth; all signs of my wound have disappeared.

Relief floods through me as I place a mental checkmark against ‘Step 1: Fix my broken leg.’

Gotta be honest. Liorax and Zunix could ask me to blow them right now, and I’ll get on my knees gladly. I’m that grateful.