Daniel's Choice:Brotherhood Protectors World

By: Pam Mantovani

Brotherhood Protectors World

For all the men and women of the military

who courageously sacrifice so much in order

to protect our way of life

Thank you

Chapter 1

Daniel Sawyer refused to back down from Hank Patterson’s intense, assessing stare. Maybe he’d never applied for a job before, and maybe, with hindsight being crystal clear, he should have gotten a haircut before coming to Montana. Still, when a man of twenty-eight had already faced death, even a couple of times before joining the Army, and had seen it happen in front of him more times than he wanted to count, a hard stare didn’t rattle his cage.

Still, if the Army and Ranger training has taught him nothing else, it was to meet another man’s gaze with pride and respect. Of course, he wouldn’t be in Montana asking for a job in the first place if he was still in the Army.

“Relax, Sawyer,” Hank said. “No need to stand parade ready.”

Daniel did as instructed, easing his stance enough to give his aching hip a little relief. The pain was better than it had been those first few weeks of recovery, but it still bitched like a bastard.

“So, you heard about us from a friend of Taz’s,” Hank said, glancing down at the papers before him.

“From a friend of a friend of Taz’s,” Daniel corrected. He managed a smile as he quoted the Ranger moto. “Rangers Lead The Way, sir.”

“You enlisted at seventeen.”

“I had parental signature.”

“How much time did you shave off so you could enlist?”

Daniel studied the man staring at him. Hank Patterson, he decided, would know bullshit when he heard it. “I took extra classes so I got my diploma four months before my seventeenth birthday. I forged my mother’s signature.” He shrugged. “She was glad to have me out of the way.”

“Is the new hip giving you much trouble?”

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Is that your hip or your ego talking?”

Daniel felt his lips twitch. Damn if he didn’t like this straight-shooting guy. He already wanted the job. “A little of both.”

Hank tapped the papers before him. “From what I’ve read the sniper bullet hitting your hip didn’t do as much damage as you did to it when you dragged three of your men to safe cover.”

“I didn’t think about it at the time, I just did the job.” Doing the job meant three of his buddies went home to their families. That meant more to Daniel than the Silver Star the Army awarded him. Just because he’d never had a family – and didn’t see how he ever would – didn’t mean he wanted others to be without theirs. “I can promise the hip won’t keep me from doing whatever task you assign.”

“We have a couple of trained physical therapists in the family, so to speak, if you need anything.”

Hank went on to summarize the policies and procedures, detailed what was expected and what Daniel could expect to face. Hank had just begun to outline a potential first client when the door slammed open. Daniel tensed, only for his stance, and jaw, to go slack as movie star Sadie McClain rushed into the room.

“Hank, you’ve got to do something,” she said.

Hank, who’d already stood and moved around the desk, held the beautiful woman in his outstretched arms. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Is it the baby?”

“No.” She lifted her hands to cup his face, rising on her toes to kiss him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have scared you like that.” Her laugh escaped as she lowered to the floor.

“Damn it, Sadie, you should know better than that. I thought something happened to you.”

“I am sorry,” she said, kissing him again, this time long enough to have Daniel looking away.

That’s when he realized there was another woman standing on the threshold of the room. His body stiffened, not in preparation of a fight, but in the ways a healthy man would respond to an attractive woman. His heart battered against his ribcage and he drew in several quick intakes of breath. A thin bead of sweat rolled down his spine. And his dick swelled to the point of painful. Slow and careful he shifted his stance, even though it provided little relief.

He didn’t understand this quick response of his body. Yes, she was gorgeous. He especially liked the dark red hair that she wore pulled back in a simple ponytail. He clenched and unclenched his hands by his sides with the desire to bury his fingers in her hair, his mind filling with the image of his hands tangled there while she rose above him, riding him for all she was worth. Her long-sleeve T-shirt tucked into well-worn jeans showed off small breasts, hips with just enough curve for a man to hold onto and, despite her short height, legs long and lean enough to wrap around him – all of which added together to complete his perfect fantasy woman.