Cursed in Love: Zodiac Shifters

By: Bethany Shaw & Zodiac Shifters

 Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Cancer

Chapter One

Ethney pulled her rented SUV to a stop at the end of the drive. Her gaze drifted to the water crashing against the beach, sending a salty spray into the air. She breathed in the smell of the ocean; it was indescribable, but she loved it. If the group she was tracking didn’t expect her to come at them from the water she would have swam out instead, but she wanted to catch them off guard.

Her eyes went to the moon and she ground her teeth—two weeks until it was full. It would have to be enough time or the quaint, touristy town of Savannah would become a bloody mess. She couldn’t allow that to happen.

The lycanthropes were rapidly growing in number. If they continued the momentum, keeping the supernatural a secret was going to be challenging. The media was already having a field day with the massacres, as they called them, happening on the full moons.

Last month, seventy-three people were slaughtered like animals in the Florida Keys and just as many were missing. They most likely survived the bite from the lycanthrope and would be turning into the beasts on the upcoming full moon; all the more reason she had to find them and their hideout. The sooner she took them out the better and fewer lives would be lost.

The Intel she obtained suggested a small group of ten or so was holed up here. The leader of the lycanthrope was breaking them into groups and sending them all throughout the South in an effort to inflict as much damage as possible. If she cleaned up this group, she would be off to some other coastal town to wipe out another group; it never ended. Ethney did not mind the chase as it gave her a productive way to spend her immortality and she enjoyed her job.

She shut off the SUV and climbed out, grabbing her bag from the back. The sweltering July air made her wish she could dive into the ocean and cool off. If she was successful tonight, she might do just that. She would never understand why anyone would purposefully live someplace so humid. Ethney shook her head to clear her thoughts—it was time to concentrate.

She walked to the grass and crept along the edge until she reached the abandoned marina warehouse. There was a window about twenty yards to her right. She inched along the building until she reached it. A chuckle bubbled up her throat, but she quickly suppressed it; instead, she silently thanked Astraea for the window was also right next to the electrical box leading into the building.

The putrid, coppery scent of lycanthrope filled the air—she had the right place. Crouching down, she set her bag on the ground to rummage through it for her supplies. It had taken quite a bit of flirting on her part, but she managed to steal enough C4 from the overzealous construction worker who thought she was into that type of thing. Maybe some women did like explosives, but for her, it was a means to an end. She pulled out the first pack and placed it near the wiring into the house.

Footsteps crunched behind her and she froze. Turning slowly, she clenched her jaw tightly. Six men with their hands on their hips and a nasty gleam in their eyes stood about fifty yards from her. Lycanthrope.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Mermaid. You almost fooled us, but thankfully, we had enough sense to watch the road, too,” one of them said, taking a step forward as he drew a gun from the holster at the back of his pants. “Now be a good girl and step away from the C4.”

Ethney huffed; she did not set the charge on the C4 yet, not that it mattered since one wouldn’t be enough to take out the lycanthrope in the building. She eyed the gun knowing it wouldn’t kill an immortal, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt like hell, not to mention she really didn’t fancy getting shot tonight. The question was, was she quicker than him?

The other men drew weapons, too. It looked like they were going to do this the hard way. She pumped her hands at her sides, assessing them while they lurked closer to her. Just come a wee bit closer. Guns couldn’t kill her, but they could kill them.

Once the first man was within reaching distance, she struck out. She chopped her hand down on his, hard enough to make him drop his weapon. Her fingers grasped his wrist and jerked him to her to use as a shield as gunshots boomed. The man groaned and thrashed as the bullets pummeled his torso.

“Stop!” one of the men cried.

Ethney shoved the dead man at the group. Two tried to catch him and dropped their weapons. Amateurs. She latched her hand onto the closest man’s wrist and yanked him forward while lifting her foot to kick out, roundhousing him across the jaw. Then she snapped her foot back, hitting him again in the same spot on the other side. The gun fumbled in his hands and she used her free hand to grab it. Aiming it at the man, she pulled the trigger. The bullet hit him right between the eyes; his orbs widening as he sank to his knees and pitched forward. Ethney pointed the weapon at the other men, shooting in quick succession until they were all dying at her feet.