By: Joanna Blake

He looked like the hero in one of those old Westerns Mason loved to watch on Sundays. He’d cook up a huge batch of chili or stew or barbecue and we’d settle in on the couch to watch old movies.

Mason called those Sunday sessions his church. And I sort of got why. Those Sunday afternoon movie fests had been one of the most reliable things in my entire life.

Well, after.

I used to think of my life as two lives- now three. ‘Before’ my parents died I’d been a happy suburban kid. Then a car accident had claimed them both.

In one split-second they were gone.

The people from child protective services had come and taken me from the neighbor who had taken me in those first few days. We didn’t have any other family. So just like that, I was a ward of the state.

Then there was ‘after.’

Foster homes. State housing. Bad food and cold nights.

And then there was ‘Mason.’

I had a feeling I was going to start thinking of my life as four completely different lives after tonight. The night I’d seen something I shouldn’t have. The night I became a problem for someone like Dante to solve.

No one knew I’d seen a thing. Not even Mason.

I just prayed that my silence would be enough.

Now, this ridiculously gorgeous man was looking at me like I was scum. I bristled. He might be on the right side of the law but I hadn’t done anything wrong.

Well, not yet. But I was about to.

The moment I told him I hadn’t seen a thing, I was an accessory. At least I thought so anyway. I knew it was wrong to withhold information about any crime, let alone a murder.

But I had no choice. For my sake, but especially for Mason’s.

Because I knew Dante wouldn’t be satisfied with my death if I squealed. He would want to make sure I hadn’t told anyone else either.

He’d come after Mason too.

The giant FBI agent was staring at me. He must have asked a question but I’d blanked out on it. He raised his eyebrows and asked me again.

“Were you on duty when the crime was committed?”

I opened my mouth and prepared to lie.


“I don’t know when the crime was committed. But I’ve been on since six.”


I felt it in my gut. And it bothered me.

People lied to federal agents all the time. It was part of the deal. But for some reason, this felt worse.

Maybe because I knew without a doubt that this girl was innocent. She might be in this world, but she was not of it. At least that’s what my gut was telling me.

I was well aware that it might have something to do with the way my dick was feeling at the moment.

Hard. And getting harder.

I cleared my throat, glad I was wearing a suit jacket. I was in jeans too thankfully, which were thick enough to hold my stiff cock in place.

Jesus Con, get a grip.

Fucking typical. After years of ignoring the female species, I find a girl that catches my attention and she’s off limits. More than off limits, this little girl was forbidden.

By law.

Still, I could hear Danny whispering in my ear. She’s a real peach Conn… why don’t you pluck her?

“So you didn’t see anything?”

She shook her head, looking away. I narrowed my eyes. She was a terrible liar. For some reason, I liked that about her.

Even if it was making my job harder than it had to be.

Mason was watching from across the room, pacing like a caged tiger. I jerked my head and he came over.

“I’m taking her in.”

“Don’t do this DeWitt. You’re putting a target on her back.”

“I’m only telling you as a courtesy.”

Mason’s jaw twitched. I knew what he was saying. But I didn’t agree. Anyone who had been in the bar that night might be a witness. She was here, and she wasn’t drunk like most of the clientele.

Didn’t matter that his panties were in a bunch. Didn’t matter how adorable the girl was or that she made my dick twitch. I needed to show the waitress pictures.

“Take me too.”

I shook my head slowly. “No.” I knew that he would never snitch. Mason was the world’s least effective witness against another biker. I also knew he spent most of the night alone in his office. And I could tell the girl knew more than she was letting on.

Plus, the other agents had already interviewed Mason. The girl was fresh meat. He must have kept her hidden in the back. I’d walked in at just the right moment.

I stared at her. She looked so small and delicate. But she was definitely a woman. Curvy and soft and sweet.

She lifted her chin and stared right back. Not a coward then. That was good.

Because it was going to be a long fucking night.

“Come on.”

I put my hand on her shoulder as we left the bar. It was true that if people saw her with me they might think she was talking. But I thought it was safe enough. No one was around at this hour unless they were hiding in the damn bushes. Besides, it couldn’t be helped.