Creed's Claim(5)

By: Mina Carter

She’d handed her ring back with a suggestion as to what he could do with it and walked out. All the way back home to Lizard Lick. An afternoon with her besties and her hair was back to it’s natural chestnut brown and she sported a brand-new tattoo on her hip, courtesy of Creed.

Creed…holy fuck, the guy had aged well. She’d had a thing for him for years. Tall, dark and handsome, with the most amazing blue eyes, she’d watched him flirt with women in this very bar and secretly wanted more than anything to be one of them. But he’d never looked at her that way, not once.

She sighed and took another healthy swallow of her beer. Her ex-fiancé was a prick and the guy she wanted saw her as nothing more than a little sister. Sucked to be her.

The click of pool balls and a crow of triumph from Kacie drew Kait’s attention back to the game. She’d lost her game to Lilly so the other two women played now, but they were being watched from the other side of the bar by a group of local men. Young, they were barely old enough to drink, but that didn’t stop them eyeing the women with appreciation. Dressed for a night out on the town, all three girls sported jeans and strappy tops with heels. Dressed-down glamour perfect for Lizard Lick.

“Hey, babe,” one of them called out. “Want me to show you how to hold your stick?”

“Sweetheart,” Lilly called over her shoulder as she set the shot up, “you wouldn’t know what to do with me. I’d eat you for breakfast.”

“Awww, don’t be like that, darling. How ‘bout we play next and when you lose I get a kiss?”

She moved quickly, a flick of her wrist making the cue in her hand strike the white with a solid click. It ricocheted into the one she’d aimed at, transferring the momentum, and the red ball cannoned into the pocket on the other side of the table right in front of the would-be Romeo. He whistled and looked impressed.

“We were state champions three times in a row,” Kacie said bluntly. “No way you’d be walking away from a match with her with anything other than your pride in a sling.”

The group moved away, their smiles good natured, and Kacie studied the table to decide on her shot.

“Whatcha do that for?” Lilly demanded, watching their admirers depart. “The one in the blue shirt was quite cute.”

“Pffft.” Kacie potted three balls in a row. “If you’re into cradle-snatching, maybe.”

“They were legal. And some men do like their women a little more…experienced. It’s not their fault they’re not Dean Sterling, now is it?”

Kait’s ears pricked up. “Dean Sterling? Hotshot jock Dean Sterling…couple of years above us in school? I thought he’d joined up.”

Lilly nodded. “That’s the one and he did. Came back a couple of years ago when his dad died to take over the family business. Kacie’s got a thing for him. Like a biiig thing.”

“Screw you, Braun.”

“I’m flattered.” Lilly laughed. “But I’m sure you’d much rather screw Dean.”

Kacie flipped her the bird and concentrated on clearing the table. Knowing that the game was lost, Lilly grabbed her drink from the counter and drained it. Bright green eyes studied Kait.

“And don’t think I missed you mooning over Creed in the tattoo shop, missy.” She put her empty down and handed her cue over to Kacie to rack with the others behind the table. Obviously they were done playing pool tonight. “When you going to get your head out your ass and make a move on the guy?”

Heat rose to her cheeks before Kait could stop it. Great, she was barely in town for a day before her friends were on her case about her love life.

“I just broke off my engagement!” she argued. “I’m not looking for a relationship.”

“So just screw him.” Kacie rejoined them.

“He’s supposed to be shit-hot in the sack. Think, all those lovely muscles to get your hands on… And that ass!” She made a vaguely obscene squeezing motion with her hand about ass height in midair, and Kait couldn’t help it. She burst into laughter.

“Sounds like someone else has been checking him out as well. Perhaps you should make a move on him?”

It was only when both women grinned that she realized she’d been had. And admitted that, indeed, she had been checking Creed out. And his ass.


“Gotcha,” Lilly grinned. “Right, ladies, drink up and let’s get clubbing. I have been dying for a proper night’s dancing for months!”

* * *

It didn’t take them long to finish up and leave the Lizard Moon. There was just one nightclub in the area, on the outskirts of town. Most of the week it was a strip joint, but once a month, they cleared the dancers out and opened the place up as a nightclub. Complete with stages and dance poles. Which, if a gal could work a pole like Kacie and Lilly, was awesome. Kait though, had never mastered the art and was very much a pole clinger rather than a dancer. In the city…well, she could just imagine the look on Aiden’s face if she’d even tried it so tonight, dammit, she would learn to dance if it killed her.

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