Conveniently His(113)

By: Penny Jordan

‘Mmm... Are you sure that Robert will be okay with him?’ Andreas asked anxiously as he focused with fatherly concern on the other side of the room, where his grandfather was proudly showing off his three-month-old great-grandson to his friends and business cronies.

‘Well, as your grandfather keeps on reminding us, he’s held far more babies than you or I in his time,’ Saskia said, laughing.

‘Maybe, but none of them has been our son,’ Andreas returned promptly, adding, ‘I think I’d better go and retrieve him, Sas. He looks as though he might be starting to get fretful, and he never finished that last feed...’

‘Talk about doting fathers,’ Pia murmured to Saskia as they both watched Andreas hurrying proprietorially towards his son. ‘I always knew that Andreas would be a good father, mind you...’

Saskia smiled at her as she watched her husband expertly holding their son—born nine months and one day exactly after their quiet wedding, tactfully arriving three weeks after his predicted birth date. But of course only she and Andreas knew that...just as only they knew as yet that by the time he reached his first birthday he would have a brother or a sister.

‘Isn’t that a bit too soon?’ Andreas had protested when she had first told him her suspicions, and Saskia had blushed and then laughed, remembering, as she was sure Andreas was as well, that she had been the one to initiate their first lovemaking after Robert’s birth.

Andreas was the most wonderful father, and an even more wonderful husband and lover. Saskia gave a small sigh, a look darkening her eyes that Andreas immediately recognised.

If his mother was surprised to be suddenly handed her grandson whilst Andreas insisted that there was something he needed to discuss with his wife in private, she gave no sign of it, going instead to join Saskia’s grandmother, with whom she had already formed a close bond.

‘Andreas! No, we can’t,’ Saskia protested as Andreas led her to the most luxurious of the hotel’s refurbished bedrooms and locked the door.

‘Why not?’ he teased her. ‘We own the hotel and we are married—and right now I want you so much.’

‘Mmm... Andreas...’ Saskia sighed as his lips found the exquisitely tender cord in her throat that always and unfailingly responded to the sweet torment of his lips.

‘Mmm... Andreas...what?’ he mouthed against her skin.

But Saskia didn’t make any verbal response, instead pulling his head down towards her own, her mouth opening sweetly beneath his.

‘I knew the first moment I set eyes on you that you were a wanton woman.’ Andreas laughed tenderly. ‘My wanton woman...’

* * * * *

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