Colters' Lady(105)

By: Maya Banks

She didn’t want to use the word helpless. It didn’t apply. But she did feel powerless—against him, against her own needs—when her hands took hold of his hot shoulders, sliding slightly against the sweat there while his tongue plundered her mouth with devastating accuracy. He didn’t stop the battle until she whimpered, until she was clinging and tears seeped beneath her tightly closed lashes. Then he was gentle, soothing with caresses of his lips…and then he was gone.

As quickly as the kiss came, it was over. She was released and he looked grimmer than before, arms outstretched wide. To keep himself from touching her?

“This isn’t over,” he said, a dark promise that locked around her like a vise.

She touched her mouth, still wet, still possessed by him. Every inch of her felt possessed, owned, by his proprietary gaze.

“Now get inside and lock the door before I change my mind and take you right here in the dirt.”

So Belinda did what any woman did when her knees were melted, her heart was confused and the man in front of her was the last man she could afford to love.

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