Club Desire(2)

By: Amy Brent

She was standing at the sink with a towel wrapped around her wet hair and nothing else. Her perfect body was dotted with little drops of water as if meticulously placed there by a great artist.

The large bathroom was still steamy from the shower. She was on her tiptoes, leaning in toward the mirror, brushing her lashes with mascara. Her big breasts hung heavy on her chest; so round and milky smooth, her nipples in the mirror, hard and pink from the steaming shower.

The muscles in her toned legs were tight. Her round ass was sticking out, facing me, open for business, baby. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the sight of her pink twat and puckered little asshole.

“Good morning,” I sighed, moving in close behind her and sliding my hands around her waist. She leaned back into me and pressed her wet shoulder blades to my chest and put her arms around my neck. She turned her head so that I could press my lips to hers. We both had morning breath but neither of us cared.

My hands went immediately to her melon tits.

I squeezed her pink nipples until they turned dark red between my fingers.

She moaned at the sweet pain and wiggled her ass against me.

I bent my knees so my long cock could slide in between her legs.

I could feel the heat of her pussy on the top of my shaft as her lips molded over the shaft and the head of my cock slid across her clit.

I groaned in her ear as my hands slid down her flat stomach, across her shaved mound, my fingers meeting at her clit, rubbing gentle circles along the sides, feeling it harden between my fingertips, as I worked my hips back and forth.

She cooed at me in the mirror and pushed her round ass against me.

She told me to fuck her from behind while we watched in the mirror.

I smiled and dug my fingers into her hips.

I swear I heard my cock give a happy sigh.

What a great way to start the day…

Chapter 1: Isaac

The freelance writer Influencers Magazine sent to interview me for what they called their “Influencers of the Future Series” was a blonde named Stacey something or other who had legs up to here and a pair of tits that dared me to try to focus on anything but them.

She was dressed professionally in a pair of black slacks that hugged her long, thin frame, sensible shoes on what I figured would be exquisite feet (I’d sucked a toe or two in my time), and a short black jacket over a turquoise blouse that did little to hide the fact that she had a couple of world class double-D’s stuffed inside there.

Being the horn, computer nerd that I am, I quickly calculated in my mind how long it would take for me to have her completely out of her clothes and bent over my desk should the opportunity arise. Six-point-two seconds, top to bottom, with most of that time spent removing the industrial strength bra that was keeping her big melons in place.

I forced my eyes to remain on hers, although the allure of those tits was making it incredibly hard, like trying to look away from something you knew to be a miracle of nature.

My tongue slid across my dry lips without my brain telling it to.

My mouth filled with the taste of… what was that… milk?

Wow, sometimes my imagination amazed even me.

We were in my fifth-floor office at IDS, the tech company I had founded with my childhood pals, Denny and Sammy, almost fifteen years ago when we were all seniors at MIT.

I was the computer hacker/nerd.

Denny was the big personality/marketer.

And Sammy was the level-headed business guy.

It was the perfect combination of brains, bravado, and balls.

We never fathomed that we were starting a multi-billion-dollar company way back then. It’s just how things worked out. I had a novel idea for a way to store data online and secure it from hackers. I wrote the code and built the site. Denny found our first customers. And Sammy somehow rolled it all into a formal business. He wrote the initial business plan that got us our first ten-million dollars in funding from a Silicon Valley venture capitalist over one long weekend while Denny and I were out partying.

It wasn’t easy. We struggled at first, then, slowly, things started picking up and the next thing we knew, our little company was going public and we were all billionaires. Yes. Billionaires. With a B.

Is this a great fucking country or what?

We even named the company after ourselves. IDS, Inc. stood for Isaac, Denny, and Sammy, even though the rest of the world thought it stood for Internet Data Systems, Incorporated.

Jesus, my mind wanders sometimes…

Where was I…

Oh yeah…

The hot blonde… uh… Stacey…

She was sitting in a chair in front of my desk with her long legs crossed at the knees and her back straight, probably to counterbalance the weight of her tits (I minored in physics).