Call Girl(9)

By: Pavan Kaur

I look through my planner, writing the dates down she has just given me. “If I'm busy with the girls, or just having a me day, am I allowed to say no to him?”

“Yes. One of the reasons I don’t like to have clients in town is so you girls can still live a somewhat normal life. Him being my godson doesn’t change that. If you don’t want to go out to dinner with him, then say no…”

“But?” I ask. I know there's something she wants to say to me.

“Just don’t say no to him all the time. Remember the football star you had as a client? At first, he only wanted your services as a companion for dinner every night for three weeks. But, in the end, you two hit it off so well he kept a hotel suite for you so you could be close to him.” She gives me that look that says she knows I'm planning on avoiding him unless it’s for a specific event. I understand where she’s coming from with her concern, so I let it go.

“Okay, I’ll have dinner with him two nights a week. Hell, if I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll add a third.” I’m losing steam in this battle, so I may as well give up while I’m ahead.

“Thank you.” She leans in to kiss my cheek. “So, I'll let you go get ready for your girls’ night out.” We both stand and wave to the manager.

Getting in my car, I pull out my planner and look for Ethan’s number to send him a message. I might as well get it over with.

Lexi– My flight lands at 1pm. What time would you like me over, and what's the dress code?

Throwing my phone in my bag, I start my Audi and head home to have a shower and pamper myself for a night out. I deserve it after this meeting.

I hear my phone beep as I'm parking the car. I dig out my phone from my bag as I'm walking up the stairs.

Ethan- Wear whatever you want. My apartment-7pm.

I throw my phone on the bed and get ready for my night out.


The catcalls and wolf whistles follow us as we walk down the street toward, the club. Two men were even brave enough to stop us and ask us out. That always gives us a laugh. I wish men understood that if there's a group of girls out for the night, it doesn’t mean we are automatically asking to get laid.

Out of all the girls, I’m closest to Helen. She always helps me the most when I need advice. I told everyone about Ethan being my new client but didn’t tell them about him being Ms. Jackie’s godson. I think she wants that to be a secret.

I shout our order over the bar while the others get us a booth, then look over at the dance floor, singing along to the song. Alex and I grab the drinks and head to the booth.

“Look at that ass.” Helen points to the guy standing by the booth in front of us. “I would love to grab that ass.” We all start laughing as she eyes him up.

“Looks like someone is going home with a guy.” I give her a wink. I grab my drink and start dancing to the music. “Come on, Alex, dance with me.” I put my drink down and start pulling her from the booth, then we both head to the dance floor.

Spinning around under Alex’s arm, my hips start moving to the music, and I start singing. I know I’m not that good, but it doesn’t stop me. It’s all about the fun.

“How about you shake that sexy ass over this way,” a man’s voice says from behind me as his hands pull me closer. I turn around and smile at him. “Sexy ass, beautiful face,” the guy says pulling me in tighter.

I whisper in his ear, “Sorry, girl’s night out.” I turn back around to Alex.

If I didn’t have to catch a flight tomorrow morning, then I’d be more than happy to get busy with a guy. I can't even remember the last time I got down and dirty with a man.

The girls were happy to spend most of the night at the same club. It was a good night. Some drinking, some dancing, and a few guys chatting us up… What’s not to love? I even got a date for Monday night. Win for me. I wish I could have stayed out longer with the girls, but I need some sleep if I plan on getting to the airport on time in the morning.

Getting home, I check all my flight information to make sure I got everything right. Mr. Williams is picking me up from the airport, then we’ll have lunch to talk about the opening. I’ve worked with him for so long now, I know who I can and can't talk to and what I should and shouldn’t talk about. Mr. Williams and I can easily pull off being a married couple now. I keep telling him he needs to start dating and find a woman who will enjoy his company as much as I do. He says no, but I’m always on the lookout for someone at these events. Someone that I know will make him happy, because I know I won’t let him date just anyone.