Call Girl(8)

By: Pavan Kaur

“You do realize you're encroaching on my dating rights with this, don’t you?” I start laughing because it’s not like I have a boyfriend or anything, but the tension is thick, and I need to lighten the mood. I’m getting a little annoyed with this whole situation. Why is she breaking her number one rule?

“If you find a boyfriend, then we'll go from there.” She smiles at me and then looks up to someone behind me. “Thank you for joining us, Ethan.”

The chair next to me moves. I straighten myself up, plaster on my professional face, and smile. Ethan doesn’t even acknowledge me. God, I want to hit him.

“Thank you for inviting me.” His voice is so sexy. No, stop thinking about his voice. Remember that you hate him, I remind myself.

“I always attend the first meeting, then after that, it’s between the two of you. Lexi, you need to keep me in the loop if you make plans in case they conflict with scheduling your other clients.” Jackie opens her planner and looks through her dates.

“I would like her to be with me this Saturday,” Ethan tells her as he looks through his phone.

“I can’t. I’m in Vegas and don’t get back until Sunday afternoon,” I say, looking through my planner. A noise comes from his mouth letting me know he’s not happy, but I don’t care.

“Then how about Sunday when she gets back? I have a meeting scheduled for Sunday, but I can move it to Monday if I need to. I can even send my driver to pick her up at the airport.” We both look at Ms. Jackie.

I shake my head, but Ms. Jackie ignores me. What the fuck? Am I invisible? “I have my car, thank you,” I bite back. He’s just being an ass now.

“All my girls have their car if they have to drive anywhere,” Ms. Jackie tells him.

He shifts in his chair, clearly not liking that he’s not getting his way. “You’re letting her fly to another city with someone, but I can’t pick her up from the airport?” He looks at Ms. Jackie. Anyone can see he's getting pissed.

“She has worked with this client for a long time and is comfortable with him. When she feels the same with you, then she will be more than happy for your car to pick her up and drop her off. Am I right, Lexi?” Ms. Jackie looks at Ethan then back to me. I look at them both. Why do I get the feeling they know each other?

“Yes,” I answer in one simple word.

“Jackie, you know I won’t hurt her.” He moves closer to the table, and I watch them both.

“I know you won’t hurt Lexi, but she doesn’t. Just because you're my godson, does not mean you don’t follow the rules. My girls will always come first.” What? Godson? Did I even hear that right? She looks at me, then back at him. “Ethan, you know my rules. I may have broken them for you once because you needed a pretty girl on your arm to help you land the charity deal, but that was a one-time thing.” She stops and gives me a look.

“Excuse me for a moment,” I say, standing up to leave the table. I know that look. It’s Ms. Jackie's signature ‘I need a moment of privacy with this client’ look.

Walking away from them both, I start walking to the restroom and think about what's happening here. Her godson? Why the hell is her godson one of our clients?

I wait ten minutes for a text or something saying I can come back to the table before I see Ethan walk out. I slowly head back to the table and sit down. I look at Ms. Jackie.

“He called saying he had an emergency and that he needed a girl to come to an event. I know I should have said no, but his mother and I have been friends for twenty years, so I said yes. Now that he has spent time with you, he wants you to be his full-time girl. I’m sorry. I know I should say no, but…” She goes quiet. The woman who always shows a strong front to us girls is just someone who wants to keep her friends happy.

“If I do this, he will be treated the same as all my other clients. He has to book me through you—”

“Lexi, he's a normal client. He gets no special treatment.”

“Then, I'll do it,” I say. There was a time when I needed help, and no one was there. I’m living the life I have now because of her. If she needs me to do something, I will.

“Thank you, Lexi. I know you don’t like him, but I also know you’re very professional.” She smiles at me, trying to butter me up now. “You’ll have dinner with him on Sunday. Here’s his number to ask about dress code and time. He’s changing his appointment to next Friday to accommodate your schedule.” She stops and starts biting the top of her pen, nervous about something. “He said he sometimes has dinner alone and would like some company.”