Call Girl(7)

By: Pavan Kaur

“You know I love you, Ethan, but my girls are off limits.” Jackie looks at me and I know she's serious.

"Did you know yesterday was the first time in what seems like forever that I didn't think about them—didn’t feel betrayed?" I reflect on my options then ask, "What if I hire her as my girl, under your rules?"

Jackie shakes her head. “I’ll talk to her, but I'm not promising anything. This is her choice.” I look at her through my eyelashes and hold back a grin as she lets out a noise of annoyance. “I'll push this a little for you,” she says before putting the coffee mug down and leaving. I hear her mumble something as she closes the door.

Putting the mugs in the sink, I wonder if Lexi will agree. Last night she did exactly what I hired her to do because that was her job. What will I have her do if she agrees? My mind is blank, and all I can think of is taking her with me as my date to company dinners.

One way or another, I'll have her here in my apartment again.


Monday morning, I got an email from Ms. Jackie. It was to let me know that Ethan had sent her a message saying thank you. That was it, nothing else. I was worried I may have done something to displease him, but she reassured me everything was okay, so I let it go. He was a one-time client, and I'll never have to work with him again.

Mid-week clients are the best. They’re usually lonely men that just want some company over dinner. They fly me out to wherever they are, I have dinner, and then fly back the next morning. It's simple. I love the meals, but prefer not to have to dress up in heels, overdone makeup, and fancy dresses. Dress casual is my favorite.

I have to fly to Vegas on Saturday morning for a casino opening with Mr. Williams, then fly back Sunday morning. Mr. Williams knows how much I love going to Vegas and always gets me the best suite.

“Are we still going out tonight?” Alex looks over at us all.

“It’s Friday night, and for the first time in ages, we are all free. So, we’re going out.” Helen points to each one of us. For the first time in a long time, we all have a Friday night where we can hang out together.

Abandoning my phone, I get interested in the planning. “I’m in. When, where, and what time are we meeting?” I ask.

“Seven, at my place for pre-drinks,” Alex says. We are all laughing when Ms. Jackie walks into the office, but stop talking to give her our full attention.

I take my planner out to write what dates my clients have booked me for. We typically know our schedules about two weeks in advance to give us time to prepare for whatever it is we are attending. I’m booked up through next week. I have a club opening event in LA, and I’ll be there for the weekend.

She goes through everyone’s plans for the following weeks. Alex has a new client added to her—some sports guy.

As soon as Ms. Jackie finishes talking, I look up at her. I’m still waiting for my assignments as I’m the only one that has nothing scheduled. I’m worried that Ethan has given me a bad report and that’s given Ms. Jackie reason to doubt me.

“Lexi, let’s go grab some lunch and talk a minute,” she says, grabbing her bag. I look back at all the girls. Am I worried? God, yes. What did Ethan say to her?

I mouth, ‘see you later,’ to the girls, and follow Ms. Jackie to the Italian restaurant across the road. She doesn’t say a word, and that only makes me even more anxious. The waiter seats us at our usual table, and I watch her take out her planner. She looks at me, so I take mine out too.

“You have a new client, and I know you're going to ask a thousand questions—”

“No.” I already know where she's going with this. “Not Ethan Knight,” I beg her. If I thought it would work, I would drop to my knees and give her the puppy dog eyes.

She looks at me. “Ethan Knight is your new client. Do you know anything else about him?”

“Only what you have told me. The no Google search rule, remember?” What the hell is going on here? She’s not telling me everything because she normally would never agree to this.

“Do you trust me?”

“Ms. Jackie, you know I trust you. I would feel better if I didn’t think you were keeping something important from me.” My mouth suddenly goes dry, so I take a sip of water. “Why do I get the impression you’re not going to tell me anything?” Folding my arms over my chest, I lean back in the chair and wait for her to dispute my claim.

“As with any client, if I think things are getting out of control or if you feel unsafe, I'll drop him without a second thought.” I start tapping my fingers on the table. She takes hold of my hand. “Lexi, I can’t tell you everything yet, but when the time is right, I'll answer all of your questions.”