Call Girl(4)

By: Pavan Kaur

“Cancel my calls.” His voice is clipped and tinged with a dark edge. The shiver that runs through my body just hearing it makes me look up at him. “Order food before we leave.” He turns around and looks at me. Fuck. His baby blue eyes are beautiful. The unshaven look makes him looks so fucking sexy. The combination is making my legs feel a little weak. “Have you eaten?” he asks.

“Yes, thank you.” Keep your shit together Lexi, he’s just a client. One event and you'll never have to see him again. Never, ever fall for a client.

“Well, you can eat again. You might not like the food there tonight. I know I won’t,” he says, walking past me. What a dick! How dare he tell me what to do? Any attraction I had for him is long gone. Asshole.

I turn to Selena, who shakes her head. “You get used to him. He's not a controlling person, but he does like things his way.” She walks away but waves her hand for me to follow.

Entering the room, I see Mr. Knight looking through his suits. “So, these are your dresses. He wanted to see you first before choosing which one to put you in, so—”

“She'll wear the red one," he says, without turning around.

I’m starting to hate this man. Is the word please not in his vocabulary? I look at the red dress. “We got two sizes, so go try them on.” Selena takes them off the rails then drapes them over my arms.

I must admit this dress is beautiful. It's full length, with a side split right up to my mid-thigh and shows my cleavage perfectly. Giving myself a final look in the mirror, I’m amazed at how sexy I look in this dress. I’m not one of those women who thinks all clothes look amazing on her, but I'm lucky to have a figure that can pull off most styles.

As I walk out, Selena beams at me. “Mr. Knight,” she says, to get his attention.

He turns around, and his eyes move slowly up my body, his eyes lingering on my legs for a moment before they continue their journey. I see him bite his lower lip when he gets to my breasts before his eyes finally meet mine. He holds the stare for a moment, and I swear he's fighting with himself about what to say. The way his eyes travel over my body has me all distracted. This is not okay. I cannot be affected by this asshole.

He gives me a nod of approval. “Mr. Knight, would you like my hair up or down?” I ask. He watches me lift my hair up, and I hear the air hiss out of his lips. Then, I put my hair back down and wait until he answers me. But he doesn't. He just stares at me. I would love to know what he's thinking.

“Up,” he says, then leaves the room.

I let out a big sigh then walk back into the bedroom to take the dress off so I can eat before we leave.

Hearing my phone beep in my bag, I walk over to see who's messaging me.

Selena glances my way. “You look beautiful,” she says, before following Mr. Knight out of the room.

Ms. Jackie– Did you have any problems getting to the apartment? Are you okay?

I love that Ms. Jackie sends us a message to see that we are safe. She will message us every ten minutes until we respond that we are okay and comfortable with our clients.

Lexi– I’m here. Everything’s good. He's an asshole :)

Walking out and back into the kitchen area, I watch the woman set plates on the table as the food arrives. My phone beeps again.

Ms. Jackie– LOL message me when you get back home. X

Sitting down at the table, two seats away from Mr. Knight, I pick up the fork and start eating. I've learned that if you keep the client happy, then Ms. Jackie is happy, which means you're more likely to get a decent bonus. I look out the window at the beautiful San Francisco skyline. You can see the bridge from here, and the view is stunning.

“Wine?” Mr. Knight says, bringing my attention back into the room.

“Please.” I hold my glass closer to him. “Would you like me to call you Mr. Knight or Ethan?” I ask, taking a sip of my wine.

“Ethan. There will be a woman at the event that I need you to talk to about the children’s center,” he says as he slides a file over to me. It has everything he would like me to mention about the center.

I read through the file as I eat my food. I can feel Ethan watching me as I read through everything. No wonder he wanted me over so early. There's a lot of information to go through, but he’s paying a lot of money for tonight, so I better get it right.


Ethan didn't speak to me the rest of the time we were in the apartment. When I came downstairs after getting dressed, he stood and stared at me before ushering me outside to the waiting car. He was quiet during the car ride as well. Even though he's an ass, I can't fight the way he affects me. He looks hot in a tux. I'm talking mouth-watering hot.