Call Girl(3)

By: Pavan Kaur

As soon as I get home, I pour a glass of wine and look through the event file. Well, at least he’s hot. I mean drool-worthy hot. He has the whole Brad Pitt look going on. Knowing I'll get to stare at him while he shows me off brings a smile to my face.

Skimming through the file, I see the scheduled event is a formal ball that raises money for charities around the area. There's a bit of detail about the attendees and what they represent, but I don’t see anything about what to wear or how I am to be presented.

Thinking I might have missed something, I give Ms. Jackie a call.

“Hey, I’ve read through the file and see it’s a ball, but it doesn't have anything about what I should wear,” I say.

“Mr. Knight said everything will be there when you arrive and can choose from what he has picked.”

“Okay, then. I best hurry up and shower, shave and do a mini facial, so I can get there on time,” I say with a chuckle.

“Have fun tonight.” Ms. Jackie says, ending the call.

I pack my makeup and hair products so I can get ready there since I don’t really know what he's expecting. I drink the last sip of wine from my glass then walk into my bedroom and start my self-pampering routine.


I look up at the penthouse of the address Ms. Jackie gave me, reminding myself I'll need to be careful around this man’s personal belongings. Someone with this much money must have a decorator. I’ll bet the artwork is breathtaking, and everything will be high-end.

I smile at the senior man at the desk as I walk into the building.

“Hello, my name is Lexi. I’m here to see Mr. Knight,” I say.

“How does he always get the beautiful ones?” The man gives me a wink, making me grin. “My name is Joe,” he says, putting his hand out for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you, Joe,” I say, taking his hand in mine.

“Mr. Knight is on the top floor.” I give Joe a surprised look. “He’s remodeling and has ripped everything out from the penthouse suite,” Joe tells me.

Making my way to his apartment, I think about one of the first rules Ms. Jackie gave us. We are never to Google a client. She doesn't want us to judge them before we even get a chance to know them by the stories we might find. She always gives us the information we need, and from there we make our own conclusions about them. I made the mistake of googling one of my clients when I first started and suffice it to say, it wasn’t glamorous. I was on edge with him the whole evening. Afterward, he called Ms. Jackie to let her know how stand-offish I acted, and she wasn’t pleased, to say the least. She told me that if I ever did it again, she would let me go without a second thought. Since then, I’ve never googled a client.

I knock on his door and smile as a woman opens it and looks at me. “You must be Lexi,” she says while opening the door wider. I take a step in and look around. “I’m Selena, Mr. Knight’s PA. We asked you to come early so we can let you know who will be at this event and what we need from you.”

I follow her through the apartment and look around to get a feel for the man. I'm confused, though. There are no pictures, the walls are unfinished, and the furniture is all white. There's nothing to help me come to a conclusion about him. Then I remember what Joe said downstairs. Mr. Knight is only in this apartment until his penthouse is complete.

She hands me a file. “This is everything you need to know for the event. It would be ideal for you to know what it's for and who will be there.”

“Ms. Jackie gave me the file. The ball is to raise money for charities throughout the city. Mr. Knight is very close to the cancer charity because his mother is a recent breast cancer survivor. He's also a member of the children's charity and is working hard to make a center for troubled children. Somewhere they can go and enjoy the day and not be on the street.” I take a breath. I read the file more than ten times before I got here and almost have it memorized. "One of the men coming to the event wants to put a stop to the center. He believes it'll just bring all the troubled children together and create more strife in the city.” I stop when I hear footsteps behind me.

“Where the fuck is my coffee?” I hear a man yell as he walks into the kitchen. I see another woman rushing around to fill a mug with coffee.

“Well, Lexi, it looks like you know what you're doing." Selena turns to Mr. Knight. “We have a few hours before you have to leave, sir.” She looks down at her iPad. “You have a call to take in ten minutes, then you can get ready,” she tells him.

He still has his back towards us, so I stand there and wait for them to tell me where my dress is so I can start getting ready.