Call Girl(2)

By: Pavan Kaur

“Yeah, was a little shaken last night, but I got the first available flight back,” Helen tells her. God, shaken doesn't come close to what I would have felt. I think I would have shit my pants.

“I wish you had called me last night. If any of you have a problem, you call me, no matter what time.” She looks at each one of us. “You’re my girls. As far as I'm concerned, you are the daughters I didn't have and you'll always come first.”

We all nod in understanding.

When I joined this company, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. At the time, I was in desperate need of a job that paid better than the waitressing job I had. I still remember the day Ms. Jackie came to me and offered me the job.

“Well, aren’t you just stunning.” I turn around and look at the woman leisurely perusing my body. “I think I have an excellent opportunity for you, if you’re interested.” She hands me a card, with only a time and location printed on it. I look up from the card to question her, but she’s already walking away.

I take a second to contemplate what just happened then put the card in my pocket and return to cleaning the table.

Standing outside the address, I see the name One Call Cleaners on the building. I look at myself through the mirrored glass and wonder if this is the right thing to do or not. Looking at my watch, I decide I've nothing to lose by showing up and seeing what they have to offer.

I take the plunge and open the door. I walk down the corridor until I see the lady that approached me behind a desk with a sparkle of appreciation in her eyes. I hesitate, not sure of what to do next until she points to a chair across from her. Looking around her office, I can't imagine what the job entails.

“I'm delighted you came. I was hoping you would like to work for me.” She stacks some papers together then taps them on the table to even them all out.

“Ummm, what’s the pay? I already have a part-time job,” I ask in a tiny voice. I need the money.

“Seven hundred dollars an hour,” she tells me. My jaw drops open involuntarily. I must look amusing as I try to determine if I heard her correctly. There's no way anyone can make that much money unless…

“No, I won’t sleep with anyone for money,” I say, and she full-on belly laughs.

“I would never ask you to.” She tells me what will be expected of me, the hours I would work and how much I could expect to bring in each week.

I was sold. I had my first client three weeks later, and I've never looked back.

“Girls, other than an event Helen would like you to assist with, you're all free this week.” Ms. Jackie passes Helen a file with the details of where to go and what to wear and so on. “The rest of you don’t have anything yet, but keep your phones with you in case something comes up. Lexi, could you stay back for a minute, please?” The rest of the girls pack their belongings and leave.

“I have a new client who needs you to attend an event with him tonight. You have to be at his apartment by five this evening, so you can meet and get to know each other.” I look down at my watch and see I only have 4 hours to prepare.

“It’s a little late for me to catch a flight to meet him, isn't it?” I'm not sure what Ms. Jackie has planned because she never allows local clients.

A look of uncertainty crosses her face as she taps her pen on the table. “That’s the thing, he lives here.” She pauses for a moment as my eyes reach hers. She knows what I’m going to say before I even say a word. “I know I’m breaking my own rules, but he called because his date had to cancel at the last minute and he needed someone for a one-time event.” She looks at me as I try to process the real meaning behind her words. “His name’s Ethan Knight, and he’s a big player here in the business world.”

“Why does that name sound so familiar?” I ask. I know I’ve heard that name before.

“He owns the high-end shopping mall here, and around the country. He must attend this event tonight and needs a plus-one. He’s paying twice our asking price. If I didn't agree, he said he would tell everyone what we actually do here.” She hands me a file that contains the client’s information and what to expect from and how to prepare for the event.

“So, he’s blackmailing you?” I ask. What type of person does that?

“Yes. Well, not really. I just don’t want to get on his wrong side. So, what do you say?” I’m at a loss for words.

“I best start reading.” I smile at her as I leave the room. Ethan hasn't made a friend in me. He's a dick for blackmailing Ms. Jackie and the company into doing this.