Call Girl

By: Pavan Kaur


There's nothing I don't love about my job. I wake up every morning excited to go to work. Never in a million years could anyone convince me I should quit my job.

What's my job you ask? I’m a call girl. No, not the type that you call to have sex with. In my job, sex is a big no-no.

I work for a company called One Call Cleaners. To the outside world, we look like a cleaning company, but on the inside, we are a group of five girls who work for Ms. Jackie.

If you're important, well known, or are willing to spend a small fortune on appearances, then your name is probably on Ms. Jackie's list.

Most of these men call Ms. Jackie for a girl to take to an event of some sort. If you have a charity event, class reunion      , club opening, or a business dinner with the company VIP’s and you want a pretty girl on your arm, then Ms. Jackie is the woman to call.

If you want to stay on Ms. Jackie’s good side as an employee, you only have one rule to follow. Never, no matter what, ever have sex with a client. In return, she takes good care of us and makes sure our safety is her first priority. She runs every background check known on all clients. She interviews them extensively, and makes one hundred percent sure there's nothing in their past that may cause concern. She also never books us with a man who lives in the same town as us. She says it’s because you’re more likely to run into someone you saw at the event or wherever they took you. Plus, it saves us having to make up a lie. When taking on new clients, Ms. Jackie makes sure paths never cross with our regular customers. Some men tend to be a little territorial with their girls, and it would be bad to get into a predicament that could cause hard feelings. That could make for an embarrassing tension-filled night all the way around.

I have three regular clients and have worked with them long enough to know what they like and don’t. I also know exactly what part to play when I accompany them to the selected venue for the night. I play the best girlfriend in the world. I’m so good at it that they're always giving me gifts on top of the fee Ms. Jackie charges.

Walking into work, I go to the lounge to meet up with the rest of the girls so we can talk about our weekend events. I’ve just gotten back from France. Paris est magnifique. My client, Mr. Williams, is in his mid-forties and he lost his wife to cancer two years ago. He was so heartbroken and just needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to listen to him talk about his wife. This was how things began with him and me. He told me how they met and all the little things they did for each other. You could tell she was his everything. Over time, he started asking me to attend events with him, and since then he has been happy with me. When he has an event of some sort, I’m the first call he makes.

“Hey Lexi, how was France?” Samantha asks.

She has been here the longest—four years now. She was Ms. Jackie’s first girl and gives the best advice when I've no idea what I'm doing. She has eight clients and refuses to add any more to them.

“Amazing! Mr. Williams is so sweet. He even took me to some beautiful cafes because he knows how much I love different foods. How was your weekend?” I ask, joining the other girls as we wait for Ms. Jackie to walk in.

“It was okay. David had this family charity event that he wanted me to come to. It was so boring.” She chuckles. “At least he pays well.” Samantha gives me a sly smile, and all I can do is shake my head at her as I sit down on the couch next to her. “New Jimmy’s?” she asks, pointing to my shoes.

“I had to treat myself.” I smile, looking at them. I work hard to please my men, so I try to buy everything on my wish list when I get the chance. You know what they say, 'you only live once,' so I'm living it up while I can. There are still a few things I haven't gotten, but one day I will.

“Ladies, I hope you enjoyed your weekend.” Ms. Jackie's fiery red hair falls loosely in soft, springy curls. You would think the tight red dress she's wearing would clash, but it doesn't. It shows off her striking figure and complements her spirited personality. She's in her early forties and married, with two boys. Her husband knows about the business, the real business, and he comes by to help now and again. “Any trouble I need to know about?” she asks.

Everyone but Helen shakes their head. “I won’t work with Clark again,” Helen starts. “He just won’t stop trying to take it further with me. He went as far as pushing me up against the wall and forcing me to kiss him last night.” Helen looks over at all of us.

I can already feel the heat of anger coming from Ms. Jackie as she taps away on her computer. “You, nor any other girl, will have to. I'll email the other companies so they know as well. Are you okay?” Ms. Jackie asks Helen.