Cabin Bear Heat Box Set

By: Bella Love-Wins

A Paranormal Fantasy Bear Shifter Romance

(A Bear Shifter Romance Retelling of the Billionaire Redemption Series Book 2)

The Complete Box Set


The Bear Shifter Billionaire Redemption Series


Cabin Bear Heat

Cabin Bear Fever

Cabin Bear Glow

Cabin Bear Fire

A Contemporary Bear Shifter Fantasy Romance

Bella Love-Wins

Cabin Bear Heat (Book 1)


ANDREW CARRINGTON stood up from his seat in the waiting room when he saw the surgeon approach him. It was Dr. Jessica Morrison, his colleague and one of Emma’s dearest friends.

“I’m so sorry. We did everything. We couldn’t save her.”

The doctor’s words were garbled and foreign to Andrew. How could his colleague have uttered such a forlorn statement to him, a man desperate to hear that his wife was pretty banged up, but would be okay? The room closed in as Andrew digested the words. He reached down to his bandaged forearm. Beneath the cast and bandages, the mangled, broken arm throbbed from his quickening heartbeat.

Behind Andrew, his father walked from the only window in the waiting room to stand beside him. He braced his middle-aged body to support some of the weight of his six-foot-five son. With an arm stretched over his son’s shoulder, he held him steady.

“I’m so sorry,” Dr. Morrison repeated. “We tried so hard. You know she was my friend. I fought hard to save her, but Emma’s gone.”

“Let’s sit down, son.” His father guided him to the nearest chair. By then, Andrew was just an empty shell. His vacant mind shut itself down from the gut-wrenching news that his Emma was dead. He could not accept it. He would not.

Andrew looked up. “What are the options, Jessica?”

“Look, Andrew,” she started. “You’re in shock.” She raised her hand toward the nurses’ station to summon help. “There are no options. She’s gone. I’m so sorry.”

“There has got to be options!” Andrew shouted so loudly that the orderly on the other end of the empty hall turned around to stare. “Where’s that female paramedic who helped me? She said Emma would be fine!”

Dr. Morrison looked at him, confused. “I’m not sure what you mean. The medics who brought you in were both men.”

“I saw her! She administered CPR on scene…she said Emma would be fine…”

Andrew’s words faded out as he tried to recall the female paramedic’s face. The more he thought about it, the less he remembered. None of her features came to mind. Nothing.

Nothing at all.

It was like his memory was wiped clean.

He set it aside and stood up, storming toward the operating room, intent on finding a solution to help Emma if no one else would. He didn’t see the four uniformed police officers walking in his direction. He barely noticed the room go blurry, until he lost his footing. He collapsed with a thump on the bandaged arm and blacked out.

It was only when he came to that Andrew realized he was different.

Very different.

A look around the room when his eyes fluttered open told Andrew the medical team and his own father were mystified, or dumbfounded, or afraid—or all three. The room and the people in it were different too. The space around him had an energy that almost seemed to throb and pulse with a life of its own. Their faces seemed closer, although from the moment he regained consciousness, they had all taken two steps away from his hospital bed. He could sense and smell them. They each had a unique odor he could not ignore.

Their eyes captured his attention as he looked around the room. They were all honed in on one thing, one spot in the room—his arm. With much hesitation, he slowly turned his gaze down his body to look at it. That’s when he understood. The cast over his forearm and elbow was cut open—probably by one of the doctors—and the place where his arm had been broken was healed.

Completely healed.

As though his injury had never happened.

He was in disbelief. Nothing like this had ever happened to him. It was what the optimistic or religious layperson would probably call a miracle. His medical colleagues would call it a misdiagnosis or a tissue regeneration anomaly. Whatever it was, the people around this room had probably witnessed his ‘healing’, and only fear registered on their faces now. After a few moments, he decided it was not fear. It was terror.

He looked over at his father first. There was still that paternal concern in his eyes, with much less fear, and even less confusion. He did not even seem surprised. At the hospital room door, Dr. Ramsden, head physician in the emergency ward, entered slowly. Behind him were the four police officers, accompanied by several hospital security staff. The only thing Andrew could think of was to run. He launched out of the bed, and backed up to the double pane room window.