Breeding Cycle(9)

By: T.A. Grey

Pulling her hand to his heart, he held it there.

“I am Vane Kategan, Alpha of the Kategan Pack of the Midwest. I vow on my honor as Alpha to protect, care, honor, and fight for you Princess Sarina Brunes. I ask only that you consider accepting my proposal.”

The corner of her mouth kicked up. “Your proposal of sex during my breeding cycle?”

“That is not the only thing I’m offering, lumara.”

Eyes wide and feeling greatly honored, Sarina could only stare as her heart pounded in her chest and her legs had trouble working. The hand around hers was so strong, so certain.

But what about father?

Somehow standing before this powerful lykaen gave her power. “I will consider it.”

He smiled as if he’d won some great prize. “I will take care of you from now on Sarina.” Leaning in to her, he kissed her. A soft, fleeting kissed that left her wanting more. “And when I have you, there is no going back. You will be mine.” Forever.

His dark words sent her stomach spiraling. Her beast howled insider her in glee.

“My cycle draws near, Vane.” Her low words wrapped around him like a hand over his cock. He responded with a feral growl that sent shivers over her naked flesh. It was possessive and hot. And it sent her spiraling into her breeding cycle with full force.

Chapter 6

Vane scented the moment it hit. A powerful surge of pheromones and aroused female that fogged the air. His already hard cock throbbed like a pulse. She transformed before his very eyes.

A blush stole over her face and down to her breasts. Her breathing became choppy and her eyes fluttered as her hand crept down her stomach to the thin patch of curls covering her pussy.

Vane watched transfixed as she parted her sweet folds and rubbed fingers through her creamy lips. Then her eyes shot open and with a strength and speed that only a lykaen could possess, she leaped at him.

He crashed to the grass, too surprised, and satisfied to stop the fall. Her eyes were wild as she ripped his shirt open. The torn pieces made way for a spectacularly hard, muscled chest that she wasted no time in tasting. Hot, male skin coated her tongue and tantalized her senses. He smelled amazing…like virile male and beast.

Her wet tongue trailed a hot path down past his navel and tucked under the band of his jeans. Vane groaned, his cock leaping to be touched. He needed to be inside her, needed release. He fought down the urge to flip her over, push inside her wet pussy, and take her like they both wanted. But he wanted this first time to be hers. She needed it.

In a move too fast to be seen by human eyes, Sarina tore his jeans down his legs, not bothering to pull them off completely. At the sight of his hard cock, she gasped, and licked her dry lips. Somewhere in the back of her mind where she was still logic and not a bitch in heat, she applauded that he didn’t wear anything to cover such a wonderful piece of equipment.

His cock was thick and perfect. His sac was drawn up tight to his body, shouting its need to pump semen. She moaned aloud at the sight and didn’t hesitate to drop down, open up wide, and take that hot cock into her mouth.

The hot action had Vane groaning like a dying man into the night air. His hips pushed to feed her more of his cock. He didn’t anticipate this. He wanted to ease her need, but instead she presented him with her mouth. So hot, so wet.

It has been too long for him. He chose his partners carefully, which also meant he rarely had sex. But now he realized that he was merely waiting for this moment. For this woman. She would be his queen.

His hands grasped her silken hair as she bobbed over his hard dick. Just as a boiling heat began to roll through his body, trembling in his sac, and pulsing at his rounded tip, she stopped.

“You’re killing me.” Sandpaper words over harsh breathing. Her wild gaze met his, promised a wicked release. He ground his teeth as she threw a leg over his waist and positioned her slick heat over him. He vowed that next time he’d be in control and show her just how much of an Alpha he really was. Payback was a bitch.

He held onto her firm thighs and laid back as she used his body to find her release. Her chocolate eyes glowed with the beast that prowled at the surface. She pushed his cock to his belly and rubbed her wet pussy lips over the wide length. The purr she emitted was pure beast. It made the hairs on his arms stand up, and his cock leak.

He wanted to shout. Take me! Fuck me! Frustration boiled inside, but somehow he kept it down. Instead, he rubbed her everywhere he could reach then settled at her deliciously wide hips, encouraging her rocking hips to slide faster and harder over the head of his cock and nudge her sweet, little clit.

He hit her soft pearl and she moaned, the sound so wicked Vane had to shut his eyes and focus to keep from coming right then.

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