Breeding Cycle(8)

By: T.A. Grey

He had her answer.

Chapter 5

Breathing in her alluring scent, Vane beckoned her over to him with a get-over-here nod. Sarina nibbled on her lip for a moment before moving to sit in the windowsill where he lifted her out as if she weighed nothing.

Hot, strong hands settled gently at her waist to rub tantalizing circles on the bare flesh.

“You’re beautiful. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I watched you,” Vane said darkly and stepped closer to her. Their bodies stood mere inches apart. This close she could smell his scent as if she was bathing in it. He smelled like a man who just spent hours fucking in the hot sun. It was decadent. Sarina’s blood pumped with excitement and lust as she looked at his strong chest. The muscles in his arms and chest exuded strength and status. Alphas were not wimpy men, that’s for sure. She’d never felt like this before, as if she was being pulled towards him by some invisible force.

Her body sang for him like a siren beckoning a pirate’s ship. The call was getting louder with each passing second. Soon, very soon, her cycle would start spinning in full force.

“Thank you, Vane. What did you watch exactly?” she asked breathlessly. She knew she wasn’t that beautiful, that it was probably just the hormones affecting him, but it still made her heart race. Butterflies danced in stomach at the thought that he might have seen her…before. Being with Jacob and Jackson was different. They were dream men. This though was very real.

His fingertips found her spine and trailed feather light down it. “I watched you…touch yourself with these.” He picked up her hand and sucked her fingers into his mouth. She shuddered at the sensation. A hot hand found her naked bottom and squeezed. Full, sexy lips opened and tasted her fingers.

Sarina gasped and, like courtesan, molded herself against his strong body. His tongue licked her lingering cream away. Sarina’s jaw dropped at the wet sensation. He closed his eyes, a look of pained pleasure crossing his face before popping her fingers free.

Her father’s words chose that moment to come roaring back her. She must not have a male. No male but of his choosing. She froze, doubt and fear clouding her. His eyes opened in question, but then seemed to read her thoughts.

“Forget about him. I will protect you. I swear it,” he breathed huskily into the shell of her ear. Thoughts that had only ever just been that now solidified into dark needs. A queen for his pack, children to call his own, and a wife to warm his bed. Then his life would be complete. Sarina was the one. His heart knew it; his beast knew it.

“I want to pleasure you. Over and over again.” Trailing his tongue down her neck, Vane closed his eyes and simply tasted. It was exquisite…like vanilla and honey. “Your skin tastes like warm vanilla on my tongue.” He pressed hot, open kisses over her smooth shoulders, slowly making his way down her chest.

Vane’s tongue laved the hard tip of her breast. Sarina’s hands flew to hold him there, an uncontrollable moan escaping her. He took his time enjoying the firm tip as he suckled it. It wasn’t long before his other hand set to the task of molding her other breast.

“Vane!” An urgent need pushed at her. His assuring words eased the last of her worries. She pushed the nagging roar of her father out of her mind and simply felt.

The sound of his name falling from her lips was enough to make his cock jump in his jeans. Releasing his hold on her breast, he switched to pleasure the other. He tugged the hard nipple between his lips and spoke one powerful word over her heated flesh. “Magnificent.”

He made her feel like a goddess.

Strong hands moved to clasp her bottom. Gentle at first, he grasped and massaged the sensitive flesh as his mouth continued its tortuous sucking. Sarina shuddered at the pleasure, her hips moving in a rocking motion.

The ache in her grew to a deafening pulse. So soon. The breeding cycle was coming. If she was this wet, this wild, and it hadn’t even begun then what was she in for?

“Vane.” Her teeth gnawed on her bottom lip. Her hands bunched into his long thick hair, trying to get his attention. The chance of her getting with child during her breeding cycle was very high. If she gave in to her urges, the consequences would be disastrous.

He looked up at her with the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. The smoldering look he gave her would have seared her as if she wasn’t already burning up with need.

Before she realized it, the dark, sexy giant had her backed into a nearby tree. She forgot all about what she wanted to tell him. The hard wood pressed into the naked skin of her back.

He grabbed her hand in a soft touch and pressed a hot, sweet kiss to her palm. His eyes never left hers and for some reason the simple moment touched something deep inside her. Her heart made a giant, gravity-defying leap in that moment.

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