Breeding Cycle(6)

By: T.A. Grey

Bright green eyes widened with knowledge. So he knew of her? Well of course he did. Who didn’t? She was the reclusive Princess of the Lykaens. Only allowed out with her father’s permission. Her frown deepened. It was all necessary she knew that. Not that she hadn’t wondered what it would be like to be with a man, especially a man like this one.

“And you are?” For good measure, she ducked behind the curtain to hide her naked body.

“Vane. Vane Kategan,” he answered and crossed two very muscular arms over a wide chest. He watched her wiggle behind the window and for a moment considered telling her that he’d just seen a helluva lot more than that. But he wanted to keep his teeth, so he kept his mouth shut.

She gulped at his dark look and clasped her legs together. The breeding cycle was almost in full force. She felt the minutes ticking away like a bomb. She had to get rid of him or else she might make a huge mistake.

Hungry eyes roamed over his body to take in the hard angles of his face, arms, and chest. Her gaze fell back to his mouth. He had nice lips. Just full enough she could suck on it, bite them. Her pussy ached at the sight. Her previous orgasm not even scratching the surface of her need. Already her need was growing with violent force. It won’t be long. He has to go now!

“Well, Mr. Kategan. It has been a pleasure meeting you. I must be going now, as I’m sure you must as well. Please be sure to not come around here anymore. I do not like visitors.” She made her words curt and rude. Oh what a lie that was. She wanted nothing more than to tear off his clothes and ride his cock until they both were wild in throes of climatic passion. The other half of her hated the thought of being cooped up here alone. She rose to close the window before she made some other stupid decision, but her eyes went to his again and the breath she was taking froze in her lungs.

His eyes closed as if savoring something delicious, and she watched as his nostrils flared. His hands fell into fists at his sides. Oh, shit! He can smell me! Why hadn’t she thought of that before? Christ, because I’ve been checking him out. Don’t let him catch my breeding cycle scent, she prayed.

“How about you let me in Sarina and I take care of that problem for you.” He gave her a look that said he knew exactly what was going on and was more than happy to help. So much for him not finding out.


Vane could barely restrain himself from jumping through that window. All that creamy skin couldn’t possibly be as soft as it looked-but he wanted to find out. Her breasts were another matter, she had no idea, but as she tried to hide her large breasts, they only plunged over her slender arm instead. The sight had his cock standing hard and straight in his pants. The hard orgasm he’d just had wasn’t helping him a bit.

With the window open, he could smell her unique scent better. That unique scent that was female and lykaen was all Sarina and the breeding. It was like hot vanilla, sweet and sexy. The breeding cycle was a powerful force for lykaen females. It could lure any unmated male to take her. But he planned to be the only man thrusting between those perfect thighs. Ever.

His body answered her call with a readiness that pulled his balls up tight and made his cock drip with anticipation.

Vane recognized her name too. Sarina Brunes was famous in the lykaen community. No males were allowed near her unless strictly permitted by her father. Many males had tried to meet and wed the princess, but none passed the king’s test. Hell, even Vane had considered trying to meet the princess. But with a father that controlling it seemed like bad news. Well, at least he was right about one thing. She was definitely bad news.

“You must leave now.” Frantic, she looked around, but she had no father or guard to force this perfect specimen of a lykaen male away. Oh god, if he stays I will shame my father, the Pride, and myself. He must leave. What if I got pregnant? Uh, hello, breeding cycle equals prime opportunity for pregnancy. My father would kill me. He would kill Vane.

Her expression grew pained, but still she looked more beautiful than a tropical sunset. Oh fuck, did he really just think that? A fucking sunset. Get a hold of yourself man. You’re a leader, an Alpha, not a damned poet.

Ignoring her command, he said, “I’m the Alpha of the Kategan Pack, and I’m not going anywhere.” A slow smile formed over his lips.

He knew why his words mattered. Princesses customarily only bred with an Alpha who was deemed worthy by her guardian. As alpha of a large and respected pack, he would stand a chance to win her. Although this wasn’t exactly ‘normal’ courting practice. One normally didn’t start these things by jerking off outside the intended’s window.

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