Breeding Cycle(4)

By: T.A. Grey

Vane didn’t know what else to do. At the request of his pack, he even dated some humans. Yet none of them stirred both him and his wolf. He growled in annoyance and went to find his housekeeper. He found him lounging in a recliner in the living room.

“I’ll be going out. Call me if you need me.” Alfonse lifted his head out of the magazine he was reading and smiled.

“Sure thing, boss.” Alfonse gave a little wave before returning to his magazine. Pausing with his head out the door, Vane turned to look at his old friend.

“Is that a Martha Stewart magazine?” he asked tentatively. His friend grinned up at him.

“Sure is. There’s a chocolate mousse recipe in here that looks positively delicious.” Vane grabbed his hiking pack and left to the sound of his friend’s laughter.

The chilled night air helped to calm his nerves. He left his cabin and decided to hike across the unmarked land instead of the usual worn paths. Pack members used the paths to stay within pack territory, but he knew this land better than anyone did. It was all his. He hiked his backpack higher and let his feet guide him.

It had been too long...weeks, since he’d visited the forest. His beast relished the crescent moon and the coming full moon. He walked quickly over fallen trees, climbed deftly down the main bluff, and vaulted over sharp crags. Animals squawked and scattered as his quiet steps tapped through the forest.

Stopping for a moment under a canopy of willow trees, Vane pulled out his water bottle and took a long drink. He stilled as the breeze changed direction and brought with it a new scent. The scent was bold, earthy, and sweet. Different. Lingering, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. It smelled faintly of woman, lykaen, and something else. Something too vague to capture.

Intrigued, he tracked the scent through the woods. He followed the trail until he reached the end of his property line. He hesitated, unsure whether to stray so far from the pack. He made a quick phone call to Alfonse to let him know he’d be off territory for a while. Alfonse laughed at him before telling him to get a gallon of milk on the way home.

“Funny bastard,” Vane muttered under his breath.

Twenty minutes later, Vane passed through some low brush. He swiped at a low-hanging branch and passed under it. A large, two-story cabin resided straight ahead.

The scent was more potent here. He stopped and inhaled the rich scent deep into his lungs. Something about it raised his hackles and brought his cock to life.

Vane didn’t recognize the cabin, but the size of it spoke of money. Whoever built it here, with only a bare dirt path to it, wanted to stay hidden.

Creeping silently, Vane made his way to a first-floor window. The shades were open and a soft yellow light glowed out from a lamp in the corner. The scent was thick and strong this close. He wanted to roll around in it. Hell, something was almost familiar about it.

Vane flattened himself against the log cabin. H could smell the earthy scent of cedar, but it was overpowered by something much greater. He put his ear to the panel of wood, closed his eyes, and listened. He tuned out the birds, squirrels, and crickets at his feet and focused all of his lykaen hearing on the female inside. Intrigued, he was definitely intrigued.

His eyes shot open and his cock pulsed at the sound of a distinctly feminine moan. A deep male voice groaned. Just as quickly as his cock hardened, it deflated. His hands curled into fists. Whoa. What the hell was he angry at?

Before leaving, Vane wanted to at least see the woman who carried such an alluring scent. And a sexy moan. He had just tracked her for several miles.

He peered into the window and what he saw made his cock go from soft to painfully hard.

* * *

Vane nearly exploded in his jeans like a teenage boy. The sight before him had him staring like a dumbfounded idiot.

The woman was small, curvy, and perfect. She lay sprawled on a large sofa, rubbing her little pussy with fast fingers while watching a man and woman fucking on the television.

The sight had him fighting a groan. Never in all his years had a sight taken him with such force, such lust. It was like being hit in the cock with pure sex. He watched, slack jawed, as she worked her little fingers between her legs and rubbed her little pearl. Her pussy was pink, open, and so soft looking. He licked his lips. He’d bet it tasted even better than it looked. It was all he could do not to break through the window and take her. She needed a cock. His cock.

His balls pulled up hard and tight. Sweat beaded his brow, and his cock was a constant pulsing weight in his jeans. Unconsciously, he began rubbing his crotch against the cabin. The delicious pressure had cum leaking from his cock.

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